Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Priest Lake a million years ago....

so who has time to blog in the summer??? not me, obviously. plus, i hadn't been feeling the whole blogging thing. sometimes i get in these ruts where i start comparing myself (or my blog) to others... (who doesn't...) and then i just have to refocus and remember why i started a blog in the first wasn't to get random readers that i don't even know. it was to write down memories. for my sake. and mine only, really. i am. remembering why i blog, and continuing to do so. :)

but i have a whole heck of a lot of catch up. and i kind of hate catch up posts, but i just had the best summer and i can't NOT blog about it. 

SOOOOOO first...we will start with priest lake. my beloved priest lake. We went the end of june, beginning of june and this year was, shall we say, QUITE different. i hadn't been to priest lake for 2 summers... and i was missing it TERRIBLY, so when we found out that norman couldn't go this year because of school, i said, well...sorry...i'm going without you. i traveled up with my cousin, her husband, her two kids, and grant. it was quite the car full. the kids did surprisingly well for an 8-9 ish hour drive! 

this would be my first year with a child. and let me tell you...camping/swimming/boating is NOT as fun when you have an almost toddler to worry about. Priest Lake for me was always a care free, do whatever you want when you want, how you want, kind of place. with an almost toddler.....not so much. So it was quite the adjustment for me. Especially without norman there to help me out. It felt more of a job this year than a vacation. haha. but at the same time, seeing grant with dirty hands and feet and clothes and sunburned cheeks (my bad) and little flip flop tan lines and helmet hair from four wheeler rides with see him love and play in a place that i hold so dear was enough to make me bawl (i may or may not have teared up a few times....surprise surprise). so although this year was a lot different, it was still so special. as it always is.

we also celebrated the fourth of july while we were there. fireworks over the lake, treats on the beach, it was heavenly. we wished norman could've been there every day and vowed that we would never go back without him :) i didn't get a ton of pictures this year unfortunately because i was making sure my 1 year old wasn't drowning pick your battles, you know...

WE LOVE YOU, PRIEST LAKE!!! til next time....