Sunday, October 4, 2015

a quick rest of the summer recap......

so my parents planned this HUUUUUUUUUGE cross country trip that included visiting my grandparents in iowa (who i haven't seen in 4 years and who have never met grant), and visiting my sister and her family who lives in florida, and visiting normans mission! so although it would be the the longest trip of my life including 22 states and 6200 miles in a 5 person small SUV with 5 people and a huge carseat... we decided to accept the offer from my parents to join them!! it was lots of car time...but it was worth it! we did a lot and saw a lot. and luckily for us...grant was an ANGEL the whole trip.

 we took lots of pictures (well..."we" meaning my mom...) but here are only a few from everywhere we went....

^^^norman peaking into the mission office he served in^^^

^^^obligatory 4 generation picture^^^

 ^^^notre dame campus/savannah georiga^^^

^^^lake michigan^^^ 

^^^siesta key beach in florida^^^

^^^my sister's graduation from her masters in nursing at university of south florida!^^^

we went to a lot more places that i didn't include here...but this is what took up a good portion of summer (3 ish plus week trip). I coach volleyball at hillcrest high school and the day after i got home from this lengthy trip VOLLEYBALL SEASON STARTED! so...that's really what i've been up to.

ALSO... my cute sister got married a couple weeks ago!!! she and jared had been dating for about a year and a half, i believe, and they finally tied the knot!! we were more than thrilled and happy for them. it was so special to be in the temple with all of my family! being the youngest, i never thought i would be able to attend the sealing of one of siblings, so this was pretty cool for me! i'm glad she has found someone to take care of her and her 4 girls the way they should be. he is a good man and a great step-dad. we love you, jared!! 

^^^the happy family!! (not pictured: jared's 3 cute kiddos that couldn't make it out for the wedding)^^^

so there ya have it! that's about as up to date as it's gonna get...can we believe it's october already, people???? i love it. best time of the year!

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