Thursday, June 25, 2015

grant and ducks and dad

i haven't really been feeling this blogging thing lately....i feel like i'm just in a blogging rut. don't really have much to say... don't feel like anything i do have to say is important enough to blog about. but here i am, blogging, because i took some pictures and wanted to document it. so here ya go....

our little family went to the duck park, as we call it, a few weeks ago to feed the ducks and watch airplanes take off from the private strip. grant can totally say duck now (kinda) and knows what they are so it's fun. he's at such a fun stage. he's learning new words and getting that independent feisty personality already....but he is so fun! did i mention he walks now? i haven't blogged about my little guy in quite some time...but he walks! took him a while, but 13 1/2 months rolled around and he finally decided to do it. he has his 15 month appointment coming up soon so i'll probably write more about him after that! by the way...can you believe he's already 15 months old?? 

so we went to the park...right...and nothing significant happened other than it was a fabulous afternoon and we just hung out and fed a million ducks and talked about how cute grant was. how we can't get over it (i really still can't get over it...he's so dang cute). but i took a bunch of pictures of him and norman and i loved them. norman is seriously the best dad. i never once doubted or wondered what kind of dad he would be. i already knew the answer. and as per usual, i was right. :) he's a natural at it. he makes my life so much easier. i love that i live in a time where dads aren't afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to their kiddos. it has never been a "i'm not doing that...that's your job" situation. ever. and i am always so grateful for that. he loves his boy and his boy sure loves him. it was fun to celebrate that this last sunday. what a special pair of boys i have.

grant and i are leaving my cute husband for a little over a week here in a few days....and we are sooooo sad about it. my family goes up north camping to a place called priest lake every year and we have missed the last 2 years!! this year would have made it 3, but even though norman couldn't go because of school....i decided i was still going to go with grant. i mean, i just can't be missing 3 years in a row of my favorite vacation....can't. but we still wish our favorite guy was coming. 

so when i get back i'm sure i'll have lots of fabulous pictures from that beautiful place for all 3 of you that read this to enjoy!! so, look forward to that. ;) 

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