Monday, December 1, 2014

'tis the season...for family pictures

last year this little dude was in my tummy and we were taking maternity pictures!! how crazy is that??? my cute sister snapped these in the cold rain {luckily it stopped shortly after we started taking pics} for us over thanksgiving break! we needed to get some taken so i could .....dun da da duuuuuun......send out christmas cards!!! yes! i feel like an adult now. plus i feel like now that i have a kid...i should do christmas cards. it'll force us to get some pictures taken at least once a year. to my surprise...taking pictures was norman's idea...and if you know know he HAAAATES...double hates...LOATHES ENTIRELY.....getting his picture taken. {appropriate grinch reference for christmas time, no?} so i jumped right on that the second he suggested getting some done before grant turned one. so here ya go! i'm in the process of getting my christmas cards made so they will be coming sometime before christmas!! look forward to that ;)

also...the pictures kind of saved weird, so they have some white boarders, that's why they may be spaced a little odd....i didn't have time to try and figure it out. whatever.

i trust everyone had a fabulous thanksgiving week! we sure did! happy december!!!

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