Thursday, November 20, 2014

christmas wish list: norman

so i don't know if your husbands all have the same problem mine does....but he always wants big things that cost a million dollars. all these men always say oh you women are so hard to shop for! i call BULL! boys are SO hard to shop for. at least the men in my life are. they either want something huge or they could care less. it's very frustrating. so this is norman's true wish list....cause he ain't gettin nothing on it. sorry, boo. and he literally hasn't told me anything else that he that makes christmas shopping for him fun....i threatened getting him clothes for christmas if he didn't get me a list soon (which he always desperately needs but gives me that little boy cute pouty face when i tell him i'm going to get him then i botch it).

1. a 2015 chevy silverado 2500 duramax diesel with an allison transmission. located at any chevy dealer. ;) i'll get right on that, boo.

2. this boy of mine is never satisfied, i swear. he begged me for forever to allow him to get a pontoon. so i did....and he got one. and has one. well that wasn't good enough i guess...cause now he wants a three man pontoon. i can't keep up....

3. a mossberg 500 flex. don't know much about this even though he's told me about it a million times and has shown me one in walmart every.single.time we are in there. all i can remember is that it can turn into a tactical gun as well. or something.....i may be wrong. i should listen better. 

4. a baja bug. we have been a one car household over here for quite some time. and it's worked out pretty good. and it's been cheap for us. which is nice when you're a poor college family. we dabbled in getting another mode of transportation. whether it be a bike (we live close to campus) or a scooter, and norman came up with a baja bug...we decided we didn't really need another vehicle or mode of transportation and that we are doing just fine how we are...but norman is still stuck on a baja bug....not gonna happen right now. but it's fun to wish!! :) 

5. a gopro hero 4. now this one i genuinely wish i could get for him because the story behind it is so disappointing. we had some close friends who had a family members dad fighting cancer and were doing a challenge where you jump into a cold body of water and film it and donate money to help. so we got nominated and went to jump in the snake river {a not scary part...that river scares me}. norman thought it would be fun to film it with his gopro and jump in with it on his head with his head mount he had. so i jumped in first and got out and went to watch him jump in and as he came up...the gopro was no longer on his head....and we were in a deeper part where you couldn't get to the bottom....we were sooooooo sad. if only he would've stuck his hand on his head, it wouldn't have been lost. we seriously just get sick thinking about it. we even had some professional divers offer to go down and look for it and they did but to no avail. :( it was so sad. he felt so bad and i felt so bad for him. so i genuinely wish i had some extra cash layin around to get him this. but one day....i will!!! 

so anyway, that's what i have to deal with. and i have a dad that is the same way! he always wants something huge. like a corvette. or something. what am i supposed to do with that??? these men in my life, i tell ya. please tell me i'm not the only one with this problem.....

my wish list will be coming soon! and it's a lot more practical. :)

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