Thursday, November 20, 2014

GC: 8 months

today is grant's 8 month birthday! so as per's what happened in his 8th month. it was a big one. kinda.

first of all....these pictures kind of suck 'cause the lighting in our apartment sucked...but...we manage. also...yes..he is still wearing his helmet, i just take them off for these pictures.

sleep: good news on this front as of late! our sleep training is working! we didn't do the cry it out thing for a long while cause it's just ever so frustrating in the middle of the i was still waking up around 3-4 times a night feeding him. however, one night about a week ago grant was being extra stubborn and would NOT lie down to go to sleep. he just kept throwing a fit. and let me tell you, he doesn't "cry", he yells. screams really. it doesn't even really sound like a cry. i guess he kind of cries in between his screams. anyway... he was freaking out. i had fed him, we had given him teething tablets, done all the other things to remedy what may be wrong and still...he would fall asleep in our arms and scream when we laid him down. which normally doesn't happen. and i was i walked back into our bedroom with grant screaming in the background and told norman i didn't care....he was going to have to cry. so we let him. and after some time...he fell asleep. and when he woke up again at 2 or so that night... we let him cry again {after going in to check on him to make sure he hadn't scooted himself into a corner or kicked blankets off}...and he finally fell asleep again. and we were actually getting used to it! so we have continued this the last 5-6 days and it's been working! we put him to sleep at 6:30/7 ish, he wakes up around 9 or 10 ready to eat again before his long stretch, then we make him sleep til 6 or 7, then he eats, and goes back to sleep til around 9. he still wakes up and cries a little around 2, but the length of the time he cries is getting shorter and shorter!! we are THRILLED over here. 

eating: we have been on a little roller coaster this month with the eating game. he still is breast fed, but one day i was feeding him some carrots or something and he kept spitting them out at me. so i figured he just wasn't hungry....well for a solid 2 weeks or so he did this every time i tried ANY solids with him. he wasn't having it. it was very frustrating. so i quit giving them to him for a week. well yesterday we tried oatmeal cereal again and he took it! woot woot! back to liking solids. so we will stick with cereal for a bit and try some veggies soon. 

milestones: he cut his second tooth! another bottom one. you can see them a little bit in one of the pictures above. he also said his first word this month!! "mama" of course. :) he says it all the time and it's the cutest thing i ever heard. i just melt into a big puddle every time. AAAND he knows what he's saying. i'm not sure if he knows it's me, but he knows it's either me or norman. i'm pretty sure he knows it's me. anyway...i love it. he has learned how to wave! he still doesn't crawl, although he does scoot himself backward. and when he wants to go forward he kind of just looks like he's swimming, he just moves his arms back and forth like he's doing the breast stroke. but he doesn't get anywhere. he can stand on his own while holding onto the couch or coffee table. he's always been good at supporting his weight. norman thinks he'll skip crawling and go straight to walking but i think he'll still crawl. 

some things to remember:
when we take your helmet off you pull at your hair like it itches or something, it's always in the same spot,too.
you like your hair to be combed after bath time. you're a pretty busy little boy but when we start combing your hair you sit real still...most of the time.
speaking of bath time, you love it. you sit up and splash in the water the whole time.
you also think it's funny when i pat your cute little bum when i'm putting lotion on you after your bath. you laugh and think it's hilarious.
sometimes when i'm trying to get you to wave at me, you won't move your arm at all but wherever your hand is at you'll start moving your fingers back and forth like you're waving. it's subtle and very cute.
you talk a LOT but are quiet around new people. you sit and stare at them.
you are intrigued by other little kids/babies. very observant. always watching.
You like to copy sounds we make. Right now you click your tongue whenever we do it.

happy 8 months, grant!

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