Monday, December 1, 2014

christmas wish list: morgan

i finally managed to get my wish list put together! we got together with some friends yesterday and we were talking about christmas and someone mentioned that as you get older you seem to not care as much about presents and what you are getting. for some this may not be true...but for has been. don't get me wrong, i love getting presents ;) but as they start to learn that giving presents is a lot more exciting! nevertheless....i did finally come up with a wish list for this year.

1. A royal nails professional UV light. for a while now i have wanted to get one of these so i can start doing my own (and others) gel/shellac nails. it's so much nicer than regular fingernail polish and being a licensed cosmetologist....i can get the colors and such at wholesale! also...if i can get good enough...i want to be able to do other peoples! this brings me to #2...

2. Hand and Nail Harmony 5 piece marble tool collection. once i can get a little practice, these tools help you do cool designs on your nails!

3. recently, verizon finally kicked me out of the grandfather plan i was in where i had unlimited data. :( bummer.... so now i can't stream pandora and spotify wherever i go and however i please.... so i need to start buying music again, i guess. :) and taylor swift has been on replay at our house lately. i think i may need her new cd. 

4. satin smooth student wax kit. i have been in dire need of a waxing kit since leaving cosmetology school. i was spoiled there....could wax the brows whenever i pleased! and now....i'm forced to tweeze...and i am not so diligent at it. a waxing kit would be so nice to have! and i could wax all of your guys' bushy eyebrows, too!! ;) win/win! 

5. i'm not really a "wear pajamas to bed" kind of gal. i'm usually just in a t shirt and sweats or something similar depending on the season. so around christmas i usually ask for sweats/comfy clothes in general instead of normal pajamas. these under armour sweats look soooo comfy. and i love the new style of sweats that are slimmer at the bottom. also, hello apparel makes some cute stuff. i love this hello sweater in all colors!

6. i have been wanting to delve into the red lipstick wearing club for a while but i wanted a shade that looked good on my skin. after some pinterest-ing i found a website that said these two would look good with my skin type! now.... i have to be brave enough to actually wear it. :/

7. clothes clothes clothes!!! i've mentioned this before but i felt like after i had grant, i was waaaaay out of the loop when it came to my wardrobe. and i hate everything in it. and i always want clothes...lets get real. i have been loving all kinds of sweaters, cute baseball T's, plaid button ups, and since i'm nursing and can't currently wear dresses, i'm always on the lookout for a cute skirt. i've been loving the midi skirts! here and here. {although...i would never pay that much for a skirt....anthropologie...get real}.

8. accessories! this is one thing i always want but never buy. i just always would rather spend my money on something else. but then the next day i'm getting dressed and wish i had some accessories! i'm currently loving statement necklaces and these cute oversized watches. here and here. {again..both outrageously expensive and i would hunt for a less expensive knock-off ;)} i also currently love stackable bracelets, and dainty layering necklaces when you don't want a chunky look.

9. hunter rain boots. i know....these are so trendy and i keep thinkin they are gonna go out of style so i have never wanted to pay the money and actually purchase them...and then the next season comes and there they are again....teasing me in every cute pinterest photo. {by the time i actually get any...if ever...they probably will be out of style ;)} i'm currently loving these shorter ones

10. scarves and slouchy beanies. you can never have too many, am i right?? i am. i love this herringbone infinity scarf and these CC slouchy beanies

so there you have it!! and although i've only posted wish lists.... i know christmas isn't really about buying and receiving christmas presents. i have really been brainstorming christmas traditions i want to start with my little family to bring the spirit of christmas into our home. it's such a wonderful season, isn't it???!!!

happy december everyone!

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