Saturday, December 13, 2014

then and now 12.11.14

4 years. 4 years i've been married to this cute fella. every year on our anniversary i think about our wedding day and how different we are now as a couple. we have learned a lot. we have a lot more to learn. back then....we weren't so good at being was a learning curve. and now...we still sometimes don't want to compromise...and we still aren't as quick to forgive....and to think about the other before ourselves....but we are better at it. marriage is a lot of forgiveness. you are with each other all the time...things are said...done...that aren't always kind or perfect. and you have to know that your partner isn't perfect, but they're trying. and sometimes it's haaaaaaarrrd. and sometimes it's easy peasy. but marriage is about forgiveness. it's about saying sorry and meaning it. 
i keep writing things and erasing them because it's so hard to articulate what i'm trying to say. i guess what i'm trying to say is i love this man. because although we bicker and aren't always happy with each other....we both want to be better. we both try. we both forgive. we want the other to be happy. marriage is about trying. i love marriage. it has taught me so much. and i truly feel like i've grown as a person being married to norman. although he is stubborn and blunt and sometimes obnoxious....he is also selfless, loving, loyal, funny, kind, devoted to God, and to our family....and those all outweigh the not so pretty stuff.

for our anniversary this year we went to the temple and did some sealings, remembered our promises we made and blessings that were given, and were beyond grateful to have been married there. ---then we stuffed our faces with costa vida and cold stone. because one of the many things we have in the love of food. we love it. and as we sat eating our cake batter sweet cream brownie filled ice cream....we had the most tender conversation about life and where we are as a couple and what we want to become. it was heavenly. a perfect anniversary. 

happy four years!

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