Sunday, December 7, 2014

a birth story...the most important one

it's the first sunday in december. the sunday the christmas devotional is broadcasted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. we get to hear messages about Christ and Christmas. it's always good. but lately i've been thinking a lot about Mary. what kind of girl was she? how would it be to ride a donkey allllll the way to bethlehem at 40 weeks pregnant... (technically we don't know if she was full term...but still...). what she felt when she found out she was chosen to carry and deliver the Son of God. how her delivery actually a barn...with cows.....

it's hard to imagine.

i talk a lot about being a mom and the new things i've learned, but truly motherhood has changed me. so this year..thinking about the birth of our Savior...i think about Mary. i think about how overwhelmed i was to bring a perfect little baby boy into the world and how i was going to raise him. but mary...she had to bring the literal son of God into the world. the only perfect human that has ever lived. it had to have been overwhelming. i get choked up thinking about mary. thinking about the responsibility that rested on her. thinking about labor (for which i was pleasantly in a hospital for...with modern medicine)...and how she only had joseph! and some farm animals! i mean back then, the women helped the women give birth. and she had herself and joseph to try and physically bring our Savior into the world. she truly was an amazing. 

back to the christmas devotional. i was making some cookies when it started and the first speaker got up and what did he speak about? mary. and my ears perked up. he talked about her faithfulness. that she was obedient. that the Lord had found favor with her. wouldn't that be something. out of all the women in the world, that the Lord chose YOU to carry Jesus Christ. it is so touching. motherhood is an incredible journey. i have loved it so much more than i could have ever imagined. so to have been chosen to raise our Savior...i can imagine was what i have felt only multiplied.

anyway...this is a rather random post but i just am really grateful for an obedient girl who trusted in the Lord completely and who brought into the world our Lord, Jesus Christ. without Mary, there would be no Savior. 

we hear and read a lot of birth stories on these here blogs....but what about her birth story....His birth story. so this Christmas, along with remembering my Savior, i will remember Mary. thank you for your selfless sacrifice to bring to us our Savior, Jesus Christ...He who made the absolute greatest sacrifice of all. 

Merry Christmas, everyone. He is the Gift. (#heisthegift)

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