Thursday, December 18, 2014

GC: 9 months / the helmet pt. 3

photo disclaimer: because of the 23/7 helmet wearing situation..yes..he does have helmet lines on his forehead...i'm not good enough to edit such things out. he's still the cutest ever.

excuse the million pictures. they were just all so cute i had to use them all! i'm a couple days early buy we are going out of town with some friends to celebrate the end of finals!! wooooohooooo! so i won't be here on grant's actual "9 month birthday". but in 2 days, this little cutie will be indeed, 9 months old. he will have been outside of me as long as he was inside of me! isn't that weird to think? my pregnancy felt a lot longer than the last 9 months have.....

but we will get to business.

he had a doctors appointment on the 8th and these were his stats:

weight: 19 lbs 14 oz   percentile: 59%
height: 28 3/4"          percentile: 76%
head: 18"                  percentile: 77%

i feel like he's been 19 lbs for forever...the last 3 times i've weighed him he's been just pushing 20 lbs. i asked the doc and of course he reassured me everything was fine and that their weight will level out a bit. i mean...if you look at him...he ain't starvin. but still...a mama worries. :) 

sleep: well the sleeping never steady. we still do the same routine. but he still wakes up at night, we go in....let him know we aren't gonna pick him up...and he goes back to sleep.... luckily he's only been waking up once so it isn't terrible. one day he'll manage to sleep all the way through the night. but for now, this is doable for us. he still naps twice a day but isn't really a long nap taker. he sleeps for an hour, an hour and half tops. so sometimes we sneak in a third nap if we need to.

eating: still breastfeeding over here! i won't lie, i'm pretty proud of myself. never in a million years did i think i would make it this far at the beginning. i remember when i was struggling at first my mom telling me that she did, too but she stuck with it for about 3 months and i remember thinking oh my heck...i can't do it...three months is so long...i can't do it. it's too hard. but guys.. i'm doing it! and still loving it. a lot of people have told me around 8 or 9 months is when the have stopped, but i don't plan to any time soon. a big part of it is because i love it. another part is that it's super convenient. and another part is because i don't want to try to deal with weaning grant. i don't even know how you wean. and he doesn't take a bottle....or a sippy cup really. so ....that'll be fun eventually. 

we have him eating solids again. veggies...and we just introduced some fruits. he really likes the blueberry apple mix. or whatever that one is. he doesn't eat a ton, though. i'm lucky if i get him through one jar a day. don't know how normal that is. haha. mamas? anything?? 

milestones: we have had some big ones this month!! on december 4th he finally decided to crawl!! crawl. but still! we had some family that were pretty worried about it.. haha...but i knew it would happen. and it did! he just has his own timeline. does what he wants when he wants. :) and now he just follows me around the apartment pulling on my pants to pick him up. that's another thing....he has been veeeeerrrry clingy lately...always wants held. don't know what that's all about....but anyway. he also walks along couches/coffee tables, etc. he's slow and you can tell he really concentrates when he wants to get somewhere but nevertheless....he is moving those little legs! he is still babbling away. the "mama" has digressed a bit...although he does scream it when he's mad. it's kinda funny. we tried to get him to say "dada" the other day and he watches our mouths carefully and tries but hasn't figured it out yet. he claps when we say "yay" and i've been trying to teach him the sign for "more" which he tries to do but ends up clapping. it's close! 

some things to remember:
when we are around people you aren't as familiar with and they start talking to you, you pull this shy move and lay your head on my shoulder and smile. although eventually you will wave at them.
you wave a lot! it's so cute, cause you put your arm up and just move your fist up and down. or you will just throw your whole arm up and flop it back down to your side.
you blow kisses!!! which i guess could be under milestones. but's so sweet.
i put on music and sing while i clean and stuff and when i am singing, sometimes i will come up to you and really get into it while moving my head back and now whenever i start singing to shake your head back and forth with me and smile.
this month we have been dancing to christmas songs in the kitchen and you love to spin. you laugh every time.
you are starting to do better at pulling yourself up to the couch and coffee table. you get the cutest worried face when you feel like you're going to fall though. your dad thinks it's the funniest thing ever. as do i.
we have a jumper that hangs from the door frame. you enjoy that and you do this thing where you jump. jump. jump. then you lock your legs and go stick straight. you do that over and over again. 
you give the best slobbery kisses! when you want to...sometimes you get annoyed at me when i get in your face and want too many kisses. haha. don't worry, i still love you. 

now......the helmet update:

we had an appointment on tuesday and we received good news! he is down to only a 5 mm difference!! i've explained before, but i will quickly again. they measure his head from left front to right back and right front to left back and they should be equal. grants started at a 13mm difference. so we have been trying to get him down to a 0 mm difference. so a 5 is good!! the doc said that he's actually in a range where if we needed to, we could be done with the helmet and his head would correct itself as he got older. but since the helmet still fits, we are going to keep it on to see if we could get the number down a little more. but the doc said if it doesn't change anymore he would still be really happy with that! we meet with him every 3 weeks and he said one or two more appointments and we will probably be done! Grant has only had it for 2 is months so that is good considering they said he would probably have it 3-6 months! woohoo!!! go us!

so there you have it, a lengthy grant update. we are only a week away til christmas and i finally got my last couple presents the other day! yay! that always feels good. i'm so excited for christmas this year with grant! even though he won't understand, i still can't wait to watch him open presents with that concentrated chubby face he gets. it's probably the best ever. 

merry christmas everybody! and happy everything! :)


  1. Haha don't worry about the weight thing. My little guy just turned one and only weights 17lbs 13oz! And he didn't start crawling til he was 11 months old! He's a little behind the curve. But like they say--- all babies are different! :)

    1. haha ok that does make me feel better. haha. but yes! all babies are different...people gotta back off about it! haha.

  2. Yay! I am so glad that the helmet is working!!

    1. me too!! and hopefully we are almost done with it! i have an appointment on tuesday, so we shall see!