Wednesday, June 4, 2014

taking stock 07

Making : room next to me for my boy to lay down
Cooking : sloppy joe...sloppy sloppy joe.... 
Drinking : OJ
Reading: my application for a couple volleyball coaching positions...hope i get one...eek!
Wanting: a volleyball coaching position.... ;)
Looking: forward to lunch with the best of friends
Playing: peek-a-boo with that boy of mine cause his smile is so so sweet
Wasting: eggs...i have so many! and they keep going bad. is that even possible?
Wishing: we weren't unemployed.....ugh.
Enjoying: the beautiful weather we've been having around these parts
Waiting: to hear back on some applications
Liking: cool ranch doritos. who doesn't?
Wondering: where we'll end up
Loving: when grant sucks in his sleep...cutest ever
Hoping: i can get a few of these ideas of mine rolling...
Marvelling: at norman's fabulous attitude 
Needing: some ben & jerry's ice cream. a whole pint please.
Smelling: summer. it's a good smell.
Wearing: v neck t-shirt and basketball shorts
Following: summer looks
Noticing: how chubby my boy is getting. i love every roll!
Knowing: that things will work out if we have faith and trust in Him.
Thinking: that i need a shower
Feeling: dirty...and smelly....
Bookmarking: potential jobs
Opening: usual
Giggling: at cute texts from the husband
Feeling: hungry...

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