Friday, May 30, 2014

memorial day weekend

memorial day weekend...always so blustery and rainy. such a downer. but not this time! and how great is that? we had quite the nice little break. we went to pocatello friday evening and i got to play some volleyball for the first time since before i was pregnant...(thank goodness my skills are still there...just not my endurance...ugh). then saturday was filled with attempts at fishing in the wind, trying out norman's pontoon on the water for the first time {yes i kept the picture of me dark for a don't want to see my no make-up, itchy, allergy face}, norman's pontoon then falling off of our car on the back highway, some delicious BBQ, and ultimate frisbee. it was a pretty great saturday.

sunday, one of my dear friends, kirsten, was blessing her little boy in her in-law's ward! we were so excited because her in-laws are in pocatello, and kirsten lives in washington. so i finally got to meet miles! {who was born around 10 days after grant} and he is the sweetest! it was also so refreshing being with good friends with good food and catching up. another great day.

monday my family did as we usually do. a visit to my uncle and my grandma's graves in idaho falls, then back to my aunts house for lunch. unfortunately, this year was a little different, my dad ended up getting the flu and had to go to the hospital {he just received a new kidney and has to keep his meds down}, so my mom was with him, and my aunt, who usually hosts the lunch, was at the hospital with her mom who had fallen and broken her 12th vertebrae. so kind of a crazy day. the good news is, my dad is on the upswing, the bad news, my aunt's mom is not. which actually may be a good thing...? she has dementia really bad and is kind of in no mans land...her quality of life hasn't been the greatest lately. 

but other than that, it was a fun day! we went out and reacquainted ourselves with the horses at my aunt and uncles house. i go to their house hundreds and hundreds of times and haven't been out to pet or see the horses in years. so we decided to break the mold and go do some bareback riding. it was a good time! they're beautiful animals. however, norman did rip all the way up his pants trying to hop on the back of one of the biggest horses. it was pretty humorous. 

it was such a refreshing weekend and we were grateful for the break. hope you all had a good weekend remembering loved ones who have passed and thanking those who have served our country! 

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