Friday, June 20, 2014

blessing day

June 1, 2014
Grant Clifford Reece

grant finally got blessed and officially has a name! we had to put it off a few times because my dad ended up getting a kidney transplant and had to fly out to tennessee for a month or so. it was kind of crazy...and i wasn't going to bless my little boy without his namesake there! so we waited for my dad to get home. and i'm so glad we did! by the time we blessed him he was too big for the original blessing outfit he of course...being the procrastinator i am...we waited til the week of to try to figure out what he was going to wear! it was quite hectic. finally we just decided on a little church outfit. white shirt, tie, black pants, and then he wore his dad's booties that he wore when he was blessed. he looked so handsome!

it was such a special day. norman did an amazing job. he really prepared himself for it and you could tell. i felt the spirit so strong during the blessing. that little boy of ours is pretty special. afterward, norman tried to write down what he could remember from the blessing so that we could keep it, when a lady in the ward reached over and handed us a piece of notebook paper folded up. we opened it and she had written out the whole blessing as he was giving it. we were thrilled!

after the meeting we went over to my in-law's house for some delicious food! seriously...the spread was pretty makes me hungry just thinking about it. i didn't get any pics after that cause i was busy eating and socializing.
it was so great having so many people from my family and norman's family there along with close friends. we love this little boy and he has lots of family to love him, too. what a sacred and special experience it has been to be this boy's mama. i love him so much and i love that i was chosen to be his guardian in this crazy world we live in. i just hope and pray that this little one can live up to those special blessings he received that sunday. i know he will. :)

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