Friday, June 20, 2014

GC: 3 months

grant is 3 months old today! it seems like he's been in our little family for so much longer! yet, it's all gone by way too fast. my cousin just had her new baby the other day and i already miss that little newborn phase! (kind of...not really...but you know what i mean). they are just so small and so precious and so new! but i won't lie...i had a moment the other day where i just wanted like a million babies. grant is starting to show a lot more emotion and smiling more and interacting and is so fun and makes me so happy that i just thought...oh my heck...i want like twelve of him. i mean, like i've said before...i don't love kids...but they really do mean it when they say "it's different when they're yours". we'll probably still stick with having around 4...but man...these little ones are so fulfilling!

like i said...this last month grant has started to smile and interact a lot more. it is so great. he loves patty-cake. but only when i do it (video of him below...). he loves it when dad plays with him and tickles him. he likes to sit himself forward. like if he's leaning back in the corner of the couch or laying down and wants to sit up he'll start pulling his head forward to lean forward. if that makes's pretty cute. he holds his head really well now and doesn't need much head support anymore. he still hasn't mastered the rolling over thing. he gets kind of close, but hasn't figured out how to move that dang arm out of the way. it's all good.

he's pretty much over the binky thing. i think it served its purpose for when i needed it. but now-a-days when i give it to him he'll just gnaw on it and then spits it out. he hardly ever sucks on it anymore. it's more like a toy to him now. his hands and feet are always sweaty! even when they're cold! poor guy. he loves exploring this new world! i'm sure most babies do....and one of his favorite positions is being held facing forward, up by your shoulder and face, while you pat his tummy. it's basically how you hold them when you're burping them up on your shoulder...only turned facing forward. it's rather odd. but very cute.

he's starting to like his swing more and takes naps in there sometimes. he likes watching me get ready in the morning...he gets a little whiny when he thinks he's all alone and can't see me, so i put him by the door of my bathroom and he watches me get ready. he doesn't love his bumbo yet. he tolerates it for around 5-10 minutes and then he's over it. he loves to suck on blankets. and his fists. he still sleeps in our room in the bassinet and although he's been sleeping around 8-10 hours for the past 6 nights (yaaaaayyy!!) i don't plan on moving him to his crib quite yet. we'll see. he does take his day time naps in his crib though, so he can get used to it. he has a flat spot on the back corner of his head where he ALWAYS sleeps on it. i don't know how many times i turn his head in the day so that he doesn't sleep on just that side and still....i come back a few minutes later and its turned back again. we're working on it. 

as of yesterday he started his 3 month growth spurt.....that's been fun. he literally wants to eat every hour or two (he was going on a steady 3 hour schedule) and he gets pretty fussy when he's not eating, sleeping, or being held. soooooo hopefully that ends here soon. i did manage to take the photos today just after he ate so he was pretty content.

anyway! i think that's all for now. hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. My little guy has had a flat spot on the back corner of his head since he was like 2 months old, too. I just made sure to always lay on the opposite side of him so he'd have to get used to looking that way. Same with putting him on his changing table and crib to where he would have to turn the opposite direction to look out into the room. It has improved over the past 4 months quite a bit and he hardly ever has his head on his flat side now!! Good luck mama :)

    1. i have been doing that..placing him where he'll want to look in the opposite direction of his flat spot. and he does pretty good. except for whenever he sleeps he turns it back. ugh....they say "tummy time" is the answer but you can only have them on their tummy for so long before he's screamin. haha. hasn't mastered the rolling over thing, yet. it's fine. but yeah....we're working on it!

    2. I hear ya :) My baby is almost 7 months and STILL hates to be on his tummy. He's got a big noggin though haha so it's a lot of work to hold that sucker up!!