Monday, June 30, 2014

a verbal throw up of sorts

so i have wanted to blog for a while...but didn't really have a solid one thought to write today's post is going to be a random throw up of thoughts i've been having lately....feel free to add any advice or input.

-first of all...did anyone feel like they hated ALL of their clothes after they had their baby? i loved getting dressed when i was pregnant. i don't know why....i think it's the idea that i was supposed to have a huge tummy....and showing it off was the norm. now...i hate getting dressed because i feel like i have NOTHING in my closet. absolutely nothing. and if i's all winter-y stuff. i have nothing for summer. so i end up wearing the same 3 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts. or my sweats. and i'm annoyed about it. and i have this idea of the kind of style i like and stuff i want but i can't ever find what i want.... i am in desperate need of a shopping trip....but i have no money. aaahhhh the life of a young married couple struggling through school. whatever.

-second...that baby of mine is going through a real needy phase. he was sleeping a solid 8-10 hours at night for like a week and half!! and now we're back to that's frustrating. and he's having a hard time napping without me putting him to sleep. i think i need to toughen up and let him cry it out.....but then again maybe not.

-third...what is the deal with this kate kelly business. i actually have quite a bit of thoughts about this whole situation plus some other things that have recently come up...but i'm not going to write a big blog post about it. there has been enough of here are some links to a few blogs, etc. that say what i think quite well: herehere and here.

-fourth...i had my first experience going to church and literally not getting one thing out of it due to my child. last week grant was a terror in church....i was basically walking the halls with him or in the mothers lounge the whole time. it's fine. one of many more to come i'm sure.

-fifth...speaking of clothes...i'm all these cute summer dresses that are coming out i can't wear. would i nurse with a dress get the point. so does anyone have any advice on some cute skirts or other summery clothes out there that are easy to nurse in??? thanks in advance. although...i still have that whole no money to go shopping problem....dangit.

-sixth...anyone watching the bachelorette? i'm pretty bored with it, i won't lie. i feel like the last season i really really liked was emily's. it's the same crap every time...same dates...same conversations...same drama....but yet...i still watch it. and i think brian is my favorite. i think that's his name....which ever one the basketball coach is. anywho...anyone else sick of the bachelor/bachelorette a little bit? i thought bachelor pad was more interesting. gave it a nice gamey twist. where did that go? 

well... i guess that's it for now. i hope everyone has a fun and safe fourth of july weekend! see ya later, june!


  1. So I tried to comment on this post when I first read it while we were in Alaska, but my phone wouldn't let me... So I'm a little late, but I have a comment to leave, so, here it is... I HATED getting dressed after I had Uriah. Hated it. And I studied fashion, worked in fashion... Getting dressed was, like, my favorite part of the day! It was so frustrating! I didn't feel comfortable in anything I owned and I couldn't nurse in any of it. I had lots of clothes, nice clothes, cute clothes, but I just hated it all. And, we had no money, either. But, I highly recommend finding a spare $50, $100 in your budget, somewhere, and GO SHOPPING! Eat Ramen Noodles for a week, if you have to. I promise you, it is worth it. I went out and bought new nursing bras that weren't completely "blah", a few new shirts perfect for the weather and nursing (but weren't actual nursing shirts because those are rather "blah", too) and a pair of shorts that actually fit (because nothing does after you have a baby, right?!) I didn't go crazy, and I didn't buy enough to wear a new outfit every day and completely redo my closet, but just seeing a few new things in there made the rest of my stuff not look so old and awful. Your self esteem as a new mom goes on some serious roller coasters and I think it is totally worth it to treat yourself a little. And, the more you nurse, the better at it you'll get and the more comfortable, so non nursing shirts becoming nursing shirts and your options for clothes become more and more. I can (and have done it in public because I didn't have a choice) nursed in a midi length dress that had a crew neck neckline. Believe it or not, it can be done. So there's my really long comment that may or may not do you any good.

    1. Thanks for the comment!! I really do appreciate it! And I think you're right... I need something new. Cause I hate everything. It's so weird how I loved my clothes before and now I hate them. Haha. It's definitely weird the whole body image thing after baby. It is all over the place. But it's all good. :)