Thursday, May 1, 2014

GC: 6 weeks

my baby is 6 weeks old!! how did this happen!! i know every mom says this at every age their child gets to...but really...time goes by WAAAAAY faster when you have a child. and it's already making me so sad. i never thought i would be that weepy mom that gets all sentimental and weird over everything but i totally am. and i'm totally fine with it.

i took these pictures today and no, i am not good with a camera and i have no idea how to edit anything... so these are just me, my camera that i don't know how to work, and my boy. and that's how we like it ;)

but guys...he's already getting so big!!! i'm a little bit sad i don't have any NEW new born pictures of him...really from the time we left the hospital til now we don't have any....i was too busy trying to figure out how to take care of a human being and keep myself alive at the same's a steep learning curve. but i wished i would've snapped a couple because he's changing so much already. normally, i will be doing a monthly update...for myself mostly, so i can remember the little things along the way...and i had my much more talented sister take a few pictures of him when he was exactly a month old...but i don't have those back from her yet...i'll have to post some of those later. so for get a 6 week old update. 

you guys...he's very cute. and he gets cuter by the second. also...he's becoming a better and better baby by the second. i was afraid he was going to be a pretty fussy baby from how we started out...but then i learned his tricks. what makes him happy. and i got him to finally take a pacifier. i know some moms are very anti pacifier...but i am not one of those's a life saver for my sanity. he hated the pacifier those first few weeks. would NOT take it to save his soul...and then one day i learned a little trick to get him to take it and it worked. ever since he's been golden. unless he's really hungry...then it just makes him more mad and he screams at me. he's not super attached to it either...the second he's soothed he spits it out. it's very cute.

he's a fabulous nurser, also. by how that first week went i wasn't sure i was going to be sticking it out with the whole nursing thing. it was so hard for me. i mean he latched perfectly but my sensitive skin was sooooo sore and bleeding all the time. everyone kept saying "it'll toughen up...just wait" but i was having a hard time waiting for that when you're feeding every 2 hours. but guess what, guys..they were right!...i toughened up!! and now it doesn't hurt at all! i'm so glad i stuck it out because i love nursing now. you really do feel that bond with them. and just a side note...i gotta give it up to my unbelievably fabulous sister, linsey. she's been a NICU nurse for the last 10 years and is also a lactation specialist (i think that's what they're called) however, she lives in florida....but i called/texted her literally for everything. she was a complete life saver for me and i know i couldn't have made it those first few weeks without her help answering ALL my questions i never knew i would have. i love you, lins! (also...luckily for me, she flew in from florida today to come see grant and i!!! such a pleasant surprise).

grant is already a great sleeper/eater. a few times i've even gotten him to sleep at night for 6 or 7 hours. he's such a good baby. and can fall asleep anywhere. whether i'm holding him and rocking him, or laying him down while he's awake...he's really good at falling asleep when he's tired. for the most part. 

he grunts. a lot! while he's awake and asleep. always grunting. partly because he's a pretty gassy fella. poor thing. he also loves his hands up by his face..which i think most babies do...but he always has his little fist up by his face. he hates to be cold. therefore, he loves bath time...but hates getting out (don't we all). i can just see the look of contentment on his face while i'm squeezing warm water over his cute little body....then he yells at me for 5 minutes as i dry him off, lotion him up, and get him dressed as fast as humanly possible. 

he's starting to try to smile. when i play peek-a-boo with him you can see the corners of his mouth slightly turning up as he tries to figure out his face muscles. i love it. he has such a strong neck, too!! he can hold his head up for real long periods of time. tough boy. and you know what makes him even tougher? he swallows his own spit up...that's how tough he is. ;) (no, but's kind of gross). 

he's seriously the best thing that's happened to us. norman and i often sit there and say "i can't believe he's ours..that we created him.", "look how cute he is? isn't he seriously the cutest!", "babe, i seriously love him so much." it's fun going through parenthood together. and i think we got a pretty good boy to break us in.

we love you, baby boy.


  1. What a special and precious boy you have!

  2. He is seriously such a beautiful baby! And I love these pics! Just perfect. I'm so glad the nursing is going well! There really is nothing like it though-so hard sometimes and yet so amazing. Haha.