Monday, April 28, 2014

taking stock 06

Making : a grocery list...its that time again
Cooking : dinner! its a miracle! chicken and red potatoes...yummmmm
Drinking : ice water
Reading: healthy sleeping habits, happy child
Wanting: the weather to warm back up
Looking: like a homeless person....i need to shower
Playing: vampire diaries..because yes...i stooped to that
Wasting: diapers...i always change him right before he goes again....ugh
Sewing:...........stilllllllll nadda
Wishing: we could buy the ADORABLE house i found on zillow
Enjoying: having some company around here
Waiting: for my sister to get here this weekend!!! YAY!!
Liking: cold applesauce
Wondering: why my internet isn't working
Loving: that my sweet baby boy is starting to smile!
Hoping: i can be a good mom to this little boy
Marvelling: at my son...constantly...i just sit and stare at him all the time. can't believe i made him
Needing: groceries...hence the grocery list
Smelling: my baby..always..i could breath him in all day
Wearing: v neck t-shirt and my new old navy go to outfit these days
Following: an idea i have on how to possibly work from home. minky's lashes it is!
Noticing: that motherhood is waaaay harder than i ever thought it was
Knowing: that we still have forrreeevvver left in school....but we'll make it
Thinking: about food...i'm hungry
Feeling: a little sluggish...i need to start working out again
Bookmarking: recipes, because i'm real bad at getting dinner ready and i need some easy ideas
Opening: zillow....all day..err day.
Giggling: at grant's faces he makes in his sleep 
Feeling: grateful

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