Wednesday, April 23, 2014

a not so single...single mom

i'm not convinced there is anything cuter than a dad and his baby sleeping together. i had to snap a quick, dark, grainy, iPhone picture to capture the moment.

so a while ago, a friend of mine, whose husband was an engineering student, told me that after she and her husband had their first little baby girl that those last couple years of her husbands schooling she felt like a single mom. her husband was constantly studying, or at school, or doing projects, etc, etc. She told me this to warn me because my husband is currently majoring in civil engineering. and i believed a point. i thought..naaah can't be that bad. well.....i should've believed her. my husband is in his last couple years of his BS in engineering and he is gone all.the.time. some days he will leave before i wake up and come home after i've gone to bed. it's awful. plus we don't even get a summer break because he goes to school year round! and we have this little newborn babe now and i tell ya....some days i feel like a single mom. and it's hard. i feel so grateful that my husband is working so hard for our family. because not only is he going to school full time but he has an internship at an engineering firm as well. so on the days he does manage to get home before i crawl into bed, he's so tired from his day that he passes out on the couch. i tell ya...people always say how they loved these years...."the poor years" as my grandpa calls it. and norman and i always laugh about how we don't know why. maybe one day i'll look back on these years and think "man, those were the days." but honestly...maybe these are the days. 
i have a newborn baby who is so perfectly perfect that i can't believe i created him, and i have a husband who is so dedicated to his family that he works his tail off on the daily. life really is good. no, we can't afford another car which i so desperately want, and yes, we barely make it month to month to cover all our living expenses, and no, we don't always know how we're going to get through the next few years months monetarily, but we really are living the dream. maybe although it feels like some days i want to skip over this long chapter of life, maybe i need to take time and really think about all i'm blessed with and cherish it. because we really are so blessed. life is crazy. and it's beautiful. and it's fast. and i get to go through these hard times with a man i love. and we get to figure it out together. so yeah....maybe these are the days. and i can deal with feeling like a not-so-single-single-mom because that's where we're at at this point in our lives. 

so to all you other not-so-single-single-moms.... lets keep on keepin' on.


  1. I understand what you mean.
    My husband was deployed the first 9 months of our daughter's life and I struggled with wanting to time to speed up so he would return but also wanting to go slow and not rush our daughter's infanthood.

    1. i couldn't imagine having my husband gone for that long with a new babe!! my hats off to military wives. i couldn't do it.

  2. Just catching up in the blogging world. Dude, I think when they say you'll miss the 'poor years' they mean the memories. Because life is much more pleasant for us now that McKay is graduated haha