Tuesday, March 11, 2014

taking stock 05

 first of all, lets talk about how perfect this picture is of norman and i. makes me laugh. took these on separate days for different reasons. but essentially the same face....we're pretty cute.

Making : fists and raising them to they sky while yelling "why? WHY?!"
Cooking : lemon snaps!! {favorite cookie ever} well...not yet...but i plan to....soon
Drinking : water...still. always very thirsty these days
Reading: natural ways to induce labor
Wanting: to not be pregnant anymore.....baaaad
Looking: at my face thinking my acne is finally starting to clear up
Playing: netflix & hulu to pass time
Wasting: water while standing in the shower til it goes cold
Wishing: my body would go into labor...like now.
Enjoying: knowing that i officially have everything i felt i needed before baby gets here
Waiting: for my water to break spontaneously
Liking: the time change...usually i hate "spring forward"...but this time i'm 100% cool with it.
Wondering: why i get my hopes up
Loving: my lash extensions...if only they lasted longer....
Hoping: i have a baby by tomorrow at this time
Marvelling: at the female human body and everything it does to create life and sustain it. truly amazing.
Needing: to be cuddled
Smelling: my bad breath....yuck. tmi?
Wearing: leggings and a sweater
Following: advice from those who've tried it...and it worked
Noticing: the 2 stretch marks that decided to grace my belly the other day....i was so close
Knowing: the doc could be wrong.....i sure hope not
Thinking: all things baby/labor.....can ya tell?
Feeling: anxious and impatient
Bookmarking: haven't really been bookmarking anything lately....that's boring....i need to find something to bookmark....
Opening: package after package of welch's fruit snacks
Giggling: at norman {more like laughing hysterically} when i showed him a live birth
Feeling: like my tummy is gonna explode

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