Tuesday, March 11, 2014

38 weeks and 2 days

so....i had a doc appointment yesterday. and as you know, last week i was dilated to a 3 and such....and friends...i DID go to jackson this last weekend despite everyone poopin their pants about it and guess what? i was perfectly fine....and i didn't have my baby in the car...so all is well. but...at my doc appointment yesterday my doctor said right before checking me, "i wouldn't be surprised if you're dilated to about a 4....oh. nope. still at a 3...well, more like a 3 plus." UGH!!!! why? WHY?! he said that all still looks "favorable". Everything is in place and ready to go once my body decides to start labor. Doc said right before i was done, "i wouldn't be surprised if you went into labor this week. but if not, we'll see you next monday!" 

why...WHY did he say that.....
cause now that i know it's in reach....so close....i am beyond anxious and beyond impatient. i could go into labor at any moment and all would be fine and dandy. so body.....please...PLEASE start contracting. i realized i probably won't be wishing this once they start...but really..i probably will. no matter how much they hurt. because i have never wanted this baby out of me more than i do right now. 

i want to meet him, my boy
i'm ready to be a mom
i'm ready for sleepless nights
i'm ready for the daunting task of breast feeding
i'm ready for poopy diapers
i'm ready to be scared out of my mind trying to take care of another human
i'm ready!


i want my body back
i'm sick of sharing it
i want to be able to play volleyball if i want
or raquetball
or anything
i'm sick of peeing every 5 minutes
i'm sick of heartburn after everything i eat
i'm sick of waddling
i'm sick of it being so hard to crawl in and out of bed
i'm sick of laying on my side
i'm SICK!!!

now, don't get me wrong...being pregnant has been a blessing and my pregnancy has been relatively easy as far as being pregnant goes....but guys....i'm ready for it to be over. 9 months is way too long. and i know i'm only 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant....and i could go 40 plus weeks pregnant for all we know...but i want my baby..now. ever since my doctor said he wouldn't be surprised if i went into labor this week....i have become a monster of impatience! ugh...please.........body.....do your job.


  1. Soooo I'm definitely not an expert on nursing, however, I have nursed Charlie exclusively (he would never take a bottle at all) for 13 months so I guess that's something right? Haha. But I am really passionate about breastfeeding for whatever reason so I have a little bit of advice! When I was pregnant I read so many books and blogs and articles about everything baby related including breastfeeding. Well most of it just kind of made me mad! I just felt like they all gave really different advice and pretty much everything said nursing will hurt extremely bad and it's awful for the first few weeks. So I pretty much ignored all of it! I don't know if I just lucked out and got a really good nurser (I totally believe that since he was over ten pounds he just came out hungry and figured out how to nurse fast) but we had a super easy time from the very start. I was super stressed about it too because I ended up having a c-section and the nurses gave him a bottle right when he was born without asking me first, probably since I was unconscious, but still I was mad. He nursed a lot and I just nursed him on demand, pretty much still do although he is a lot less demanding now. ;) Ok this is getting long winded-heres my best advice.

    Set a goal. If it's a week, six weeks, six months...whatever. Just decide on something and stick to it no matter what. I know that some people just cannot breastfeed because of certain things with them or with the baby but I believe the large majority of women can successfully breastfeed! I don't care what people say, breast milk is better for your baby. That does not mean formula is bad, it's just a simple fact and the longer you can breastfeed, the better off your baby will be his whole life! I just think that everyone should give it a solid try before giving up.

    It can be hard a times because you have to sacrifice your body and your space, especially if you nurse on demand. But since I am lucky and get to stay home with Charlie I just watched lots of tv shows and read lots of books and spent lots of time with my boppy. ;) Sometimes it feels like you are nursing non stop all. day. long. But honestly those days go by so fast! Now he nurses in like ten minutes or less and sometimes I wish I could have those newborn snuggly milk drunk days back.

  2. My comment was too long so I had to split it...maybe that means I'm talking too much! Haha. Sorry!

    Get yourself a good water bottle, or just use that huge jug they give you at the hospital. I was super thirsty all the time and hungry too. Always make sure you get yourself water and snacks before you sit down to nurse.

    We never had much luck with nursing covers but when your baby is little and not easily distracted by your surroundings it's really easy to nurse discreetly wherever you are. If you feel uncomfortable try practicing in a mirror at home. I have nursed Charlie pretty much everywhere you can imagine and I'm pretty sure I flashed a plane full of people when we went to Idaho last summer. Haha. My thoughts on nursing in public are this: if they don't want to see the one inch of flesh that isn't covered by your baby then they can look the other way! People walk around exposing way more than that on a daily basis and nobody bats an eye but then people get weird when you are trying to feed your baby?! Makes no sense. Although it's kind of nice to escape to the mothers room at church and chat with the other moms. ;)

    Lanolin. Use it. I don't know if I was just lucky not to have anything worse than slightly sore nipples or if I prevented anything worse by using this stuff from day one. Just put it on right after a nursing sesh.

    Just relax and try not to stress too much about it! I am so excited for you to meet your baby boy. Seriously there is nothing like those first few days getting to know this tiny human that you have been working so hard to create!

    Look for my sister when you go to the hospital-she is a nurse at eirmc and takes care of the mommies after their babes are born! Her name is Katie. ;) Good luck with everything! The last few days of pregnancy are seriously the worst but before you know that boy will be here and you'll forget all about the heartburn.