Monday, March 3, 2014

37 weeks gets a little more interesting...

i'm 37 weeks and one day preggers world!! and i have a more interesting update for you today.
so i am due on march 23rd. and at week 35 i was starting to go in weekly to the doctor. well, on friday i wasn't able to go because i was attending a funeral so we rescheduled for monday {today}. well i went and everything seemed fairly normal. blood pressure was still good...slightly higher than my usual, but good. i didn't gain any weight this time....weird since i gained 4.5 lbs each time i went previous....and my belly was measuring normal. so he goes to check me {tmi?} and friends........i'm dilated. to a THREE! i know people can stay at a 3 for a long time but STILL!!! he said i was rather thin {still...tmi...but i don't care} and that baby's head was "very down". i don't know what the difference is between "very down" and just "down" but it sounded exciting! now i'm going to jackson hole this weekend to watch my dumb sister play dumb volleyball in a dumb tournament without me and so i asked my doc if it was ok for me to go to jackson and he said yeah, go ahead and go to jackson but the second you start having hard contractions i wouldn't dilly dally..i would get back here. 

so...thats that....and now i'm terrified. i'm still going to go, though. but guys, how do i know when i'm having "hard contractions"??? i mean everyone says .."'ll know" but how do i know i'll know??? you guys? i'm freaking out about it! i mean i'm already dilated to a 3 and i don't know when that happened! i don't want to have a baby in the car!!! 

anyway...that's really the only update i wanted to tell you all because it started making things very real for me. i finally packed what i could of my hospital bag that i've been putting off. it's time to get down to business, people. you heard the dilly dallying!! 

***p.s. i took two pics of my belly cause i know on the first one everyone would be like "oh you're not even big" like they always do, so i had to show you the full roundness of the belly in the second. you're welcome.


  1. I swear you do not look 37 weeks! You look amazing!

  2. Morg, I totally understand the making your belly look bigger in photos thing. It drives me crazy when people tell me I look small. Can't people just say you are a beautiful pregnant mom, rather than have an opinion about how big your belly should be? People! I am carrying the same size of baby you carried/are carrying! So Morg, you are a beautiful pregnant momma and you look just perfect! Have fun in Jackson and hopefully the baby will stay cozy inside your belly, so you don't have a car birth :).