Wednesday, February 26, 2014

36.5 weeks.

hello friends. 36.5 weeks along today. once you hit this point i feel like not a whole lot changes, so i really don't have much to record on this here bloggity blog of mine. i still have a hard time breathing. i still get heartburn. he still moves a lot. he still gets the hiccups every time i eat.....every. time. my nights sleep are on and off. some nights i sleep like a dream and other nights i'm up every 20 minutes because i can't stay comfortable. i guess i do have something that's a little life line decided to show up. that's what it's called right? cause now that i say "life line" i keep thinkin of one's palm. but i'm talkin about that line that goes down your belly. i haven't been able to see mine til a couple days ago. it's pretty feint and is mostly just below my belly button and down yonder, but still. it's new. also, at my last doctors appointment i gained ANOTHER 4.5 lbs. so within 4 weeks i gained 8.5 lbs! the nurse was very excited because she said i was needing to start packin on some weight here soon. so i have now gained a total of 16 lbs? i think? i was supposed to have a doc appointment this friday but i rescheduled for monday because i'm makin a quick trip to poky on friday for a funeral. so, we shall see if i'm still gaining at a rapid rate or if it's slowed down at all.

the other night i had a mini panic attack, though. i keep saying "oh i would love it if he came a little early, healthily early." and then the other night i woke up to some intense cramping....and i about freaked. no...this is not happening...i went back to sleep and it continued through the night but not as intense as the one that initially woke me up. and not as often. by the time morning came it was mostly in my lower back and once i finally got out of bed they stopped. so...that was weird. haven't had one since. but that night i kept having these weird dreams about having my baby and it was making me feel very unprepared. i kept thinking of things i still need to get to take to the hospital and so forth. anywho...moral of the story is....i don't mind if he comes about right on time. maybe i'm not suited for him to come early. or maybe i will in a week or so? whatever...i don't know. i have 3 and a half weeks til d-day. so..that's really not that long. i can manage the wait. :)

we have a big white board in our apartment that we drew a big calendar of march on and had everyone guess what day baby reece is going to arrive, and what time and how big. it's been kind of fun to see everyone's guesses. some i liked more than others {almost 2 weeks late cheryl??? really?} ;) 

so there ya go. pregnancy update for the week. i know you are ALL keeping tabs.'re welcome. and happy hump day.

p.s. i keep forgetting to thank you mama's out there who have given me absolutely FABULOUS advice. especially on nursing. you guys have been really helpful and have calmed some nerves/made me more nervous :) but really, i appreciate everyone's willingness to help me out. so again. THANKS!

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  1. You look amazing! You are getting so close. :)