Friday, January 24, 2014

not quite 32...


aren't you guys sooooo in love with these regular bathroom belly pics? i know you are..i know it. i'm sorry....i just feel like i have to PUBLICLY document my belly growth. it's just too much fun. so...i guess if you're not in love with them...look away, quick!

in 2 days i will be 32 weeks. 8 more to go. give or take. {hopefully take?...healthily?} i had my appointment on thursday. it was a comforting one...most the time i just go in...i get weighed...blood pressure-d {?}...listen to heart beat....measure the belly and i'm gone! it's quick and doctor is really to the point {which i love} and i think quite intuitive because most the time its get you in get you out...but this appointment i had a bunch of questions i had thought of that i wanted to ask him...he must've known because after all the regulars..he paused and you have any questions for me today, morgan? and of course i did. so we had a nice chat and i got them all answered. he's a pretty great doctor. makes me feel really comfortable. 

i learned that my tummy is measuring around 30-31 cm and i've only gained a total of 7 lbs....which is weird to me because of that huge tummy pictured above. my nurse asked me if i was still keeping food down and eating fine. i said yes, and she said that i must just carry in a way that doesn't gain weight? or something? i don't really know what she said. but i have 8 more weeks to go....and i'm expecting to pack on some pounds. if not...that's cool, too. i'm hesitant to say this, i don't want to jinx myself, but...luckily stretch marks yet. i know they mostly happen right at the end so, i'm still not home free, but.....for right now i'm happy about that. 

well we cleared out the baby room {mostly}. it's been a room of "don't really know where to put this yet" since we moved. but the other day i really needed to do some nesting. so i cleared everything except for pictures that still need hung, and made room for baby shower gifts. i also rearranged the dresser, and put baby boy's clothes away. i don't have much, mostly just some stuff my mom bought when we first found out we were having a boy.....and dang...i forgot how cute they were! i couldn't stop giggling about it, thinking how close i am to putting him in them. and this weekend we are most definitely going to get our crib painted and put in there...then i'll feel a lot better, as well. also on the to do list this weekend? maternity pics. just some simple ones. nothing fancy. but you guys convinced me to do it. by the way...thanks SO much for all the advice i've gotten. i really do welcome it. so far i haven't been overwhelmed at all with advice. it's all been pretty fabulous. so thank you and keep it comin!


  1. Keep the bathroom pics coming!! You are so tiny and you look awesome!

    1. oh you are so kind, thanks for the love! haha.