Friday, January 17, 2014

taking stock 03


Making : lost of lists on my notes app because i forget everything these days
Cooking : well..i cooked hawaiian hastacks last night, and pasta the night before. good enough?
Drinking : juice...a lot of it
Reading: The Night Circus....haven't decided if it's gonna be one i finish or not
Wanting: to get my nursery completed started
Looking: out windows...finally!!
Playing: hulu plus cause the abc app pissed me off so i'm on strike
Wasting: leftovers...i have a hard time eating them
Sewing: guys...really?
Wishing: i could find time to get my HAIR DID!
Enjoying: our new apartment
Waiting: for my stuff i bought from ikea to get's actually in poky..i gotta go get it
Liking: that i just took my last pill for my infection. they make me so nauseous
Wondering: about that moment when i first meet my baby boy
Loving: cuddle-y pillow talks with my husband
Hoping: that my labor goes smoothly....
Marvelling: about how this little human inside of me has grown so much
Needing: a mani/pedi with some girlfriends. any takers?
Smelling: my new perfume. light blue..i love you
Wearing: leggings, sweater, scarf, headwrap {courtesy of navy perl}
Following: my friends and family's baby advice
Noticing: that my belly button is getting tighter and tighter...don't think it'll pop though
Knowing: that my husband is always on my side
Thinking: about a million things i want to do with the nursery
Feeling: anxious
Bookmarking: classy maternity photo shoots and nursery ideas
Opening: a lot of welch's fruit snacks. they're sooooo good
Giggling: about my husbands cowboy boots and huge belt buckle he wore today...what a cutie
Feeling: very...very pregnant


  1. this is so fun! love the lay out and such a cute picture... totally gochya on the left overs.. whew its hard to eat them! blessings on the pregnancy and the sweet little on in you!

    1. thank you! and thank you! we need them blessings over this way :)