Friday, January 31, 2014

get a pedicure...get your hair did....

remember that song guys? by missy elliot? those were the days.....

anywho... i need my hair did so bad. i'm a cosmetologist for goodness sake ( license...) and i have almost 10 months of outgrowth. that's pathetic, no? it is. i have a friend that i went to school with that usually does my hair, but we now live in different cities and whenever we are in the same city our schedules NEVER work's rather frustrating. because i'm starting to look like a hooligan. so i'm taking matters into my own hands....{not literally}.

my mom has trimmed all of our hairs since we were little. nothing fancy...just trims. but, she hasn't done it in a long time because as we all started coloring our hair, we just got it cut at the salon as well....and since i know how to do it now..i'm the designated hair-cutter. but i'm desperate, people. so tomorrow morning my mom will be cutting off roughly 2 inches of my stringy bottoms {thanks for nothing, pregnancy...}. but here's the good part, after i get my hairs cut by my mom...i've been planning to do a little bit of an ombre and keep my natural {although a little nasty} color of hair up top...easy maintenance. but i'm having my sister do it for me...while i instruct her. with bleach. that's fun right?? she's super excited...i'm a little nervous. but again.....desperation. it'll be fine...right? did i mention we're doing this tomorrow? right before my family baby shower? so...hope all turns out! wish us luck! 

by the way....

remember that one time i had bangs? i loved those bangs......should i do that again? {don't worry...i won't let my mom do those...too risky}. then again....i just grew them out. and i'm having a baby. and you have to do your bangs every day when you have them. and in the summer, because of my naturally curly hair, the heat makes them do weird maybe i shouldn't??? but i just love them oh so much...and miss them terribly......decisions decisions.

 also...just because i mentioned pedicures in the title...i do need one of those, too. asap as possible {whats it from?}. happy friday, friends!


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