Friday, January 10, 2014

29 weeks


pictured left was at the endish of my 28th week. pictured right was on monday at 29 weeks 1 day pregnant. {now i'm almost 30!! ahh}

i had that glucose test everyone always talks about. it wasn't terrible. reminded me of those super sugary barrel drinks we had when we were kids that burned your throat because it had so much sugar in it. {remember those?} the worst part was sitting in the waiting room for forever doing nothing...waiting for them to draw my blood again. and then after my glucose test i had to go down to labor and delivery and get my shot Rh factor? i think is what it's called? i dunno...but no one told me it was a "in the butt" kind of shot. norman and i even joked about it, i said "watch i walk in and they're like 'drop your drawers'...umm...what?"

well...that's basically what really did happen. she came in .... after i had been sitting there for forever...irritable cause i hadn't eaten in about 4 or more hours and i'm pretty sure they forgot about me...i had to go down to the nurses station and be like ....are we gonna do this or what? i was saying...she came in...and i said, so do i need to take my sweater off? {so she could get to my arm} and she, this one actually goes into the hip.


well that sucks. so dropped my drawers i did, and the poke didn't hurt as bad as her injecting the fluid into me...did not feel very nice. i'm not sure how i had three sisters get this shot multiple times and no one tell me that it goes in your bum...and that it kinda hurts. i was just expectin a little arm shot....not so much.

anyway, moving on. i had an appointment today and they got my glucose results back..everything was normal. yay! we listened to baby's heartbeat. beautiful as always. he measured my tummy. growing normally. he weighed me. i had gained a little over 2 lbs. right on track. only downer was i found that i have a bit of an infection so i have to take some meds for that. ugh....but as long as baby is ok, i'm ok. it's still so unreal to me that i have a little over 10 weeks left. i go in every 2 weeks for my doctors appointments now. everything is getting very real. i had a mini panic attack last night while laying in bed trying to fall asleep. i just had a flash of norman and i in the hospital and i was in labor...and it was scary...and it is all getting very real. and i still haven't bought one dang thing. but my baby showers are coming up soon and they'll pull through for me ;) i'm so excited to see all my lovely friends and family!

baby moves all.the.time. i think i say that every time. but seriously he moves more and more every day, i swear. and they are big boisterous movements. he gets the hiccups quite often, too. that's always a nice addition to the already crazy movements. my belly is rarely nice and round, he's always pushing out at some weird angle making my tummy lopsided. i'm so excited to meet that little boy of mine.

people definitely know i'm pregnant, now. it's funny how at first you want so badly for people to recognize that you're pregnant and now it's like ok...we've been talking for a solid minute or can stop staring at my belly. it was so cute though...the other day i was working at destinations inn and i checkin in the nicest older couple from wyoming. they went to their room, came back out and informed me they were headed out to dinner. the wife then said, "honey, do you want us to bring you something to eat? do you need anything?" i kindly declined and said that i was ok. the husband then asked when i was due and congratulated me and they went on their way. i just thought it was the sweetest thing for them to offer. i immediately texted norman about it and described it as "cute." he replied with:

"only you would think someone offering you some food is cute."

haha. could be true. i love food. i said, "was it not cute?" he then responded by saying...."it's kind? generous? giving? selfless? charitable? christlike? thoughtful? caring? loving? those all come to mind before cute does...."

i thought it was quite humorous. but, anywho...there's your update on my sweet boy and all that comes with growing him inside my belly. hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! i finally got my kitchen all unpacked! now just for the living room and we're done! yay! moving sucks.
the end.

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  1. So glad your glucose test went well and you look wonderful!