Sunday, January 12, 2014


Hey there blogger world!

This is a different kind of post… well because this is not Morgan… It’s the lesser half  of the reece’s pieces named Norm.

And don't be expecting no fancy stuff…here we go.

I have wanted to do this forever but like most procrastinators… I haven’t got
 on here until now so you could have a small taste of that blessing in my life I call Sugar.

You see, Morgan gets on here telling half truths about her dear sweet pun-kin pie, when really most of the time she puts up with me while wearing rose colored glasses.

So I thought I would get on here and tell you how it really is.

Morg was that girl on the playground I noticed in 5th grade…and I wasnt noticed by her until the end of 8th grade. We made up for it by flirting through high school whether it was in the hall between class or even across the chapel at church! She was good. Real good. Unfortunately I grew up completely surrounded by girls so I had an over developed sense of confidence around most girls and therefore could easily flirt and woo the women. (at least in my mind)… But like I mentioned in highschool, Morg was THE ONLY one…that I had to keep my  ‘A’ game about. She wasn’t the only girl who could flirt back, but she WAS the only girl who could get my palms clammy in doing so.

Anyhow you probably have heard the whole love story and frankly my version would probably turn into some love drenched sap story that would bore those attempting to read it.

So I would like to just say thanks.

Thanks for being just a friend when it was all that was needed and letting me realize and discover on my own how special you were (are).

Thanks for being loyal and being interested in what I was doing while I was away in Minnesota.

Thank you for coaching me when we dated! Lets be honest, as much as I thought I knew ‘women’ I didn’t know how to date. First date after I was back we took cookies to my favorite primary teachers and watched finding Nemo... Rockin.

Thanks for 3 years of a wonderful marriage. Definitely is not perfect. But it is on the right path. Love trumps being right or wrong, even if sometimes it takes a little longer for me, you and I have learned to continue to love while being able to disagree at times and mend what needs mended.

Thanks for putting up with the stress that comes with my schooling. I don’t know what it feels like to be completely dependent upon someone else and just wait it out and hope that a decent career comes out of it. AND on top of that to not voice your concerns and worries but instead putting your worries aside and offer encouragement, support, and confidence in me and my school work and just helping me take the next step.

Thanks for being the mom in training you are. You have always been keen and wise in what other mothers do and deciding what you like and don’t. My confidence in you as a mother is already at 100% because of your interests in good practices that you want to adapt and develop. Not to say you or I have it figured out, but you are going to be great.

And while were on the subject of babies… Thanks for doing what I consider the most selfless thing you can do. Bakin a baby 24/7 for nine months! That in the neighborhood of 21,772,800 seconds of baby bakin. Dude that first 13 weeks was intense… I couldn’t help or do much, just had to sit and watch ya tough it out. I knew it wasn’t the most pleasant thing to do, but I had no clue of the list of side affects that comes with the package. I thought I was tough.

Morg you are it. You’re my best friend. You put up with me and deal with all my quirks. You are and always will be what I need. You’re my biggest building block.

Thanks Sugar.

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  1. This is like the sweetest thing ever! Definitely making McKay read this hahaha