Friday, November 22, 2013

catching fire and 22 weeks

so i went to the premier of catching fire last night with a couple sisters, cousin, and in laws. for some reason i wasn't super excited for this movie. i mean it looked good, and i wanted to see it, but i wasn't countin down the days or watching the trailer over and over again like i do when i'm reeeeaaallly excited for a movie. but...none the was good. it didn't disappoint. it followed the book well {from what i can remember}. and it was nice spending time with family.

i have decided that i hate movie premier's. they used to be so much fun because the whole world didn't go. they would let everyone in relatively early and you could go steak out your seats and then visit other theaters to find your other friends. it was a big party, really. now there's soooooooo many people that go. and it just straight up stresses me out. and they always seem to be in the winter of course you wait outside in the freezing cold for hours and hours only to get a mediocre seat {i've actually been pretty lucky and have always gotten pretty good seats...but still}. i would much rather just wait a day and go to the matinee.....

but this premier wasn't bad. we got 8 o clock tickets. there was only 1 theater at 8. we lined up about 45 minutes before they let us in and we got perfect seats. so it was rather pleasant. but next time...i'll probably go a day or so the middle of the day when no one is there....and be much more relaxed :)
then again, it is kind of fun to hear everyone's reactions to the movie as it's playing.......that's always a good time. so we'll see....

 so here i am...22 weeks completed in the picture below. i'm almost 23 weeks completed now. weeks are just flying by these days. i don't mind too much. it's weird to think that next year we'll have a little one in tow during the holiday season.

but, life is about the same these days....just prepping for christmas really. trying to get some early shopping done. next week is thanksgiving!! i can't believe that sometimes. i love thanksgiving. and this year i feel like a big kid cause my mom put me in charge of bringing like three things for our thanksgiving dinner. made me feel all sorts of grown up.
maybe thanksgiving dinner will help my tummy grow a little bit :) i feel like i still look the same as i did like 3 or 4 weeks ago. its fine......


wishing everyone a happy weekend!

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