Saturday, November 23, 2013

taking stock


My friend, over on this blog, did this little 'taking stock' exercise and I really enjoyed reading it. she got it from another blog who got it from another blog and I think it's a nice little idea to reflect. so...I stole it, too! I will, too, try to make this a monthly exercise and encourage anyone else to steal away as well!
Making : hard life decisions
Cooking : caramel popcorn for our family game night
Drinking : water. always. apparently you need a lot when you're pregnant. who knew.
Reading: the book thief....still..after a year...and now it's lost since we moved..and I can't find it
Wanting: to not throw up my favorite things like cold stone ice cream.
Looking: forward to thanksgiving to see more of my fabulous family
Playing: Netflix. a lot.
Wasting: time....watching Netflix...a lot.
Sewing: am I ever sewing? no.... do I know how to sew? no.....
Wishing: I had the answers to my questions right now!
Enjoying: a Saturday with my husband
Waiting: for said husband to get done taking a test at school so we can enjoy our saturday
Liking: meeting new people and thoroughly enjoying their company
Wondering: what my baby boy is going to be like
Loving: how awesome my husband is doing in school and how hard he works

Hoping: everything will line into place when we need it to
Marvelling: at the miracle that pregnancy is. truly a blessing
Needing: a shower. as usual.
Smelling: dirty dishes....I can't stand it
Wearing: t shirt and sweats. are there other options?
Following: I-15 about 45 minutes south to spend time with loved ones
Noticing: more kicking in my tummy
Knowing: those kicks are gonna get stronger and more uncomfortable :)
Thinking: that I still can't believe I'm having a baby boy
Feeling: anxious
Bookmarking: coffee tables, and night stands, and throw pillows, and all things home décor that I dub we "need"
Opening: another can of spaghetti-o's
Giggling: about my cute husbands cute texts
Feeling: peaceful

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  1. Okay now I would like some caramel popcorn. :)