Wednesday, February 6, 2013

where have i been lately?

i've been lookin like this a lot. that's where i've been lately.

and let me just share something with you....
it took me ...just now... about 4 hours to watch The Bachelor online. why you ask? interruptions. that's why. i'm babysitting my sisters kids and between them and my husband...there were a plethora of interruptions. and internet being slow. so annoying. but now that that is over...{by the annoyed at sean cause he's an idiot about the whole tierra thing, and according to previews, is going to continue to be an idiot...he's so boring}.

so this last week included a lot...and i mean a lot...of downton abbey and parenthood.

we just got netflix because we got rid of satellite and i have heard a lot about both shows. so i've been watching them in multiple episodes at a time leaving me awake until midnight every night. {guys, that's really late for me these days}.
and is it just me or does downton abbey make you want to speak in a british accent? i'm sure it does.
 i was writing my husband a letter {cause we do that...} and i had just finished an episode of downton abbey and i found myself wanting to write in a super elegant way. i had to stop myself and try to dumb it down to how i would normally talk.

anywho....other than that...this last week has been a busy one.

kelsey's twins went in to the hospital for RSV {they are home now and fine} and although that wasn't was extremely nice having the house to ourselves, norman and i. 

also, norman's uncle ron, of 49 years, passed away last monday. he had battled cancer when he was younger and the affects from the chemo and radiation treatments ultimately led to his death. it was really sad and my heart ached for his family but we all feel truly comforted that he isn't in pain anymore and is free of that trial.

unfortunately, because of ron's health issues in life, he never married or had children. so his nieces and nephews became his adopted children. he called them "the tiny's". Ron also loved fish. so all the tiny's got together and pitched in to buy this fish made out of flowers. it was pretty incredible and really impressive.

i've been to a decent amount of funerals in my day and i just have to say that this one was one of the absolute best. which sounds really weird...cause no one likes funerals, right? but this was such a beautiful tribute to his life and such a great reminder of what is important in life and to hold on to the truth we know about eternal families and that we will all see our loved ones who have passed on before us again. it was beautiful and so uplifting for me.

as i was sitting listening to one of norman's aunts speak at the funeral i just had this overwhelming feeling of love for my sweet in-laws. all of them. immediate in-laws and extended in-laws. they showed so much love that day for their brother/uncle/son that had passed, and for each other that i couldn't help but feel so blessed to be apart of such a wonderful family. it was the best feeling and i love every one of them so so very much. that's why i haven't blogged for about a week. it's been rather hectic around here and we've been spending a lot of time with norman's family which has been fabulous

hope everyone else's start to their february has been a little better! i, personally, love the month of february, cause not only is it valentine's day and i get to spend it lovin on my boy...but my birthday is in february, too!!! yay for turning 23!   


  1. I'm so sorry for your families loss. It is never easy to lose a family member. He sounds like he was a wonderful guy.

  2. So sorry for your loss... Great to see you back and writing! - love your hat!

  3. I LOVE Downton Abbey and always want to be British after I watch it and wear my hair in pin curls and dress up for dinner. And then I come back to 2013 and put on my jeans. :)