Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the reece bucket list

norman and i went on a date the other night. norm was in charge.
and as a usual tradition, we sometimes go to fred meyer cause they have little living rooms set up with couches and we sit on them and chat about life.
it's a hoot, i tell ya.

so, we went, and norman whipped out our trusty marriage journal that i received here. he said that we were going to sit down and write out our marriage bucket list. i love stuff like this. so bucket list writing we did and a rule we made was that we couldn't put "dreams" on the list or "i really hope this happens" on the list. it had to be stuff that we were actually going to do and not just say we wanted to.

so this made me very excited because we have some stellar {and maybe rather expensive?} adventures on our list.  

 {this is norman trying to hide cause he knew i was gonna take a picture "for the blog"}

so here were a few of the things on our list {i won't share them all}:

1. run a half marathon together {he's been trying to get me to do a 5k with him since we started dating...still haven't done it...don't know why i agreed to the whole half marathon thing}.

2. tour europe for at least a solid month {we actually would love to live abroad for a period of time...but that all depends on jobs and such...so we didn't put it on our list of things we WILL DEFINITELY do}.

3. attend a broadway show...on broadway street....in new york. {we have both been to broadway shows in other cities such as L.A., Denver, Salt Lake, etc... but we really want to go to new york and see one}.

4. go on a mission for our church after retirement

5. volunteer for a service mission in a third world country.

6. adopt a child at least once

we had a total of 10 for the time being, but i'm not going to share all of them because...well....i don't want to...and you don't need to know. :)

anywho! i'm really excited about it. after we were done we went to wingers for dessert {although we ended up eating a full meal anyway...cause we can't ever resist wingers} and then came home and hung out with friends.

it was a fabulous evening.

--do you have a bucket list? i want to hear what is at the top of yours! give me some new fun ideas to add! :)


  1. what a fun list!!! I highly recommend seeing a show on Broadway we did last year and it was amazing! :)

  2. I would do anything to go on a service mission! Seriously!!

  3. such a cute date idea. :) and the fred meyer couches are cracking me up.

    seriously, only you.

    1. i know, erin, i know. we're weird ducks. but try it...you'll never be the same after that fred meyer couch visit.

  4. I love Fred Meyer (although it's called Smith's Marketplace here in Utah, which is still weird to me)! My husband and I don't have an official bucket list, but I would love to do a "National Treasure" tour of sorts with him and hit all of the U.S. historical sites on the east coast -- along with church history sites along the way. Love that you want to live abroad! I think that would be amazing as well.

  5. I love the journal and might steal it for a Valentine's gift!:)

    1. P.S. You should also visit Europe, we'd love to have you here!

    2. go ahead and steal away! :) and where do you live in europe? so curious!

    3. Sorry I have only just seen this reply :/ I live in Cardiff (Wales, UK). It's beautiful here, even if I am biased! I spend a lot of time in Paris aswell which is equally as fantastic! Both places steep in history, beautiful surroundings and culture :)

  6. hahah this reminds me being almost a teenager and my mom and I would go and sit on the patio swings in Walmart and just talk and swing. good memories with my momma. and it sounds like you have quite a good start on the bucket list!

  7. That is such a great idea!!! :)
    And i love that y'all have a book to keep it all down in; i'll have to check that out.
    Also i went to reply to your comment on my blog and realized you're a no-reply commenter; which means when you leave a comment people can't respond via email...womp womp.
    Go here, http://kaybellaa.blogspot.com/2012/04/blogging-101-no-reply-bloggers.html and she explains everything. Let me know when it works by commenting on mine and then I will email ya back and voila!!

  8. Everyone should have a bucket list! I don't yet :(
    I nominated you on my blog for the Liebster award! Do it or don't, just thought it was fun!


  9. hi Morgan, thanks for visiting me lades!!! how cool is it that he just copped a squat and started writing!! love that, plus all your goals and beautiful visions for the future. i felt very akin to the adoption one especially. Sean & i have talked many times about adoption or fostering, i know it's something we'd add onto our bucket list. this whole post warmed my heart. ♥

    1. i'm glad it warmed you! :) and i love that you want to adpot/foster as well. i have wanted to for so long and got lucky enough to marry someone who wants to just as badly :) thanks for the comment!