Wednesday, February 13, 2013

monthly craft night

if you know me...and know me know i hate doing crafts. absolutely hate it. i'm not good at them, they're time consuming, and....did i mention i'm not good at them?

i have the proud attitude that if i'm not naturally good at something...i don't like to do it. i's stupid. but i'm trying to get over it.

hence....monthly craft night with my lady friends.
i see all these super cute ideas and "diy"'s on pinterest and what not and i want to do it so some friends and i decided to have a monthly craft night....cause they're crafty...and can teach me their ways...or i can just copy them. which is what i normally do.

so for february we made banners.
i made one that says "love" for v-day.
and one that says "reece"

they turned out pretty cute.
and since i'm not living in my own space...and have no where to put it..i haven't hung up my "reece" one quite yet. but it is super cute, believe me :)

for more awesome and better pictures of our evening go to my friend, Kirsten's, blog post.

p.s. thought i would share that lately absolutely all of my spare time has been dedicated to watching downton abbey.....OOOOH how i love it. i'm finally on season 3...almost all caught up! yay for me! 


  1. cute banner! Also, I too am slightly obsessed with Downton... miss you!