Wednesday, February 20, 2013

me and my valentine

our valentine's day was simple and wonderful.
norman was in charge of the plans and it started with him coming to my school for a haircut as my last appointment for the day.

he showed up with some of these:

and let me tell ya...they were absolutely delicious.
he knows the way to my's not's food. :)
flowers always kind of remind me of funerals. and i don't love how expensive they are and how they shortly die.
they're alright every once in a while. but let me tell ya...i sure enjoyed these chocolate covered strawberries a lot better.
{like i ate them all on the drive home}

we then came home and did presents.
i got norman some of his favorite candy and some fishing flies.
and he gave me the sweetest gift ever!

there was a poem that was read in our sealing when we got married that we both loved. norman found the poem and got a picture made up of us at the temple {where we got married} on canvas and had the poem printed on the side of the picture on the canvas as well. it was so sweet. he's a good boy :)

then we drove to blackfoot to go to rupe's for dinner. :) so yum.

then we came home and just hung out, watched the office, fell asleep quite early...woke back up...chatted and snuggled. it was perfect and simple.

i love my valentine. :)
thanks for the perfect day.


  1. How cute! Sounds like a great day to me! :)

  2. Valentines is better simple. And with food. Food trumps flowers.

    1. It really is.... And food will ALWAYS trump flowers. :)