Friday, February 22, 2013

the professor

friends, we lost someone special in our family on valentine's day.

our boy....the professor.

we have had him up for sale for months now because we're going to  put the money we made off him towards a new vehicle at the end of the summer.

and in those months we've had a couple of buyers come really close to purchasing our professor. but it always fell through.....until february 14, 2013.

each time we had an interested buyer i got nervous...i didn't want to let him go....i mean, come one guys...he is so cute! 1980 chevy cheyenne short box?? YELLOW??? there's nothing cuter. and i bought him all by myself in heber, utah, and had to barder with the british native to get him.

then drove him home with my mom in 2nd gear on accident....whoops
{that's about a 3 1/2 hour drive by the way}

he sounded real good drivin down the road with that old truck rumble. and smelled of that old truck smell. we had some good memories with him.

and now he's gone :(

and currently living down the street.
yes....a guy down the street bought him and we have to see him every day now with a different owner.

he came over...wanted to see him, took him for a drive, came back with the cash. drove away in him.... sad day indeed.

it's weird how attached we get to our vehicles. it made me really sad to sell him. but i'll be grateful when we have our new vehicle this fall! yay!

so now i have neither the dog nor the truck in this photo....and it's such a good photo, with 2 of my favorite things. i think i need it framed.

see ya later professor!

{like....i'll literally see you later...cause you're parked down the street and we're about to leave}

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