Monday, February 25, 2013

lets talk oscars, shall we?

ooooh the oscars. how i love you. however, i'm still not sure why, cause you seem to somehow disappoint me every year. i'll explain later....

first of all, lets talk a little fashion...

i didn't really LOVE anyone's dresses last night.
usually i at least LOVE one. :)

and what was my dear anne thinking?

poor thing looked like she was going to a 90's prom. 

however, i thought Jessica Chastain looked quite classy and beautiful.

along with:

Sandra Bullock

Jennifer Lawrence

and Naomi Watts

{all pictures from google images}

now...for the performances:

really, i only liked this one:

photos taken by yours truly :)

it was so beautiful....just as it always is.

and the awards:

now, i'm a little bummed cause i didn't get to see all the movies that were nominated for "best picture"....and i really wanted to. but i have heard a lot about lincoln and life of pi and know that both are fabulous films. Life of pi won a plethora of oscars, including best director.

i was so happy when les mis won in sound mixing, make-up, and best of supporting actress in a leading role. oh dear...if anne hathaway didn't win.... i would stop watching movies. {lesssssbe honest....that would never happen}
but really...she did outstanding in that film and deserved an oscar for it.

you know who else deserved an oscar for their part in les mis?

hugh jackman

he did so good!!! {and did he not look as dashing as ever last night?} i was so upset when he didn't win best actor. 
but i was fine losing to Daniel Day Lewis. i heard he did an outstanding job in lincoln, and i intend to watch the film very soon to see just how good. :)

i also quite enjoyed this:

there are 3 things i love about this moment:
first of all, i love that she won best actress because i like her a great deal
second, she was so good about her little stumble she took...although soooo embarrassing...she handled herself well.
and third.....who went to help her up?
none other than hugh jackman, himself.
a gentleman to the end, i tell ya. 

and last...i just want to say i was very very upset that my sweet and beautiful les miserables lost to Argo for best picture. {not to mention having michelle obama announce it} really? argo?? i would've been ok losing to lincoln or life of pi, but argo? and Ben Affleck giving his rather hurried and "on cracK" speed of a speech? 

whatever.... find a way to disappoint me every year.
but i keep coming back to you :)

hope everyone enjoyed them as much as i did.

*anyone have any favorite moments from last night that i missed?
*by the way....did anyone else think it was dumb that in the catagory that mark wahlberg announced, it was a tie? ......i didn't love that....and he didn't seem to either.
*oh, and seth macfarlane did an alright job hosting....but nothing beats ellen or hugh jackman :)


  1. The tie was crazy! They haven't had that happen since (I believe) 1969 when Barbra Streisand and Katherine Hepburn both won Best Actress.

    1. Really?? They've done a tie on best actress?? Now that's even worse. Haha. I'd be pissed.

    2. Haha yeah...Katherine Hepburn wasn't there to accept hers but Barbra Streisand was. I would be pissed too lol.

  2. haha! :) love this! you did such a good job. I didn't really like anne's outfit either. like it was cute and different i just don't think i would have worn it. I am glad you have a love for the oscars like me! :) GO LES MIS! :)

  3. didn't love anne's dress but i did really like sandra bullocks!