Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the prayer of the children

thanks to norman's sweet grandparents, norman and i had the opportunity to go to Kurt Bestor's christmas concert last night.
it was at the Stephen's Performing Arts Center and it was an absolutely fabulous concert.
he and his band were extremely talented and i thoroughly enjoyed the entire performance.
 but i wanted to share my favorite part about the night:
right before intermission he dismissed the rest of his band from the stage and said that he wanted a moment with just he and the audience for a second.
he bagan to tell us that opening night for his christmas tour was the same day that the shooting in connecticut happened. he said he didn't know how he was supposed to go out that night and play "jingle bells" and "have yourself a merry little christmas" when such an awful thing had happened.
then he thought, this would be a perfect time to send up a prayer.
for those who don't know, kurt bestor wrote the oh so beautiful and popular song "prayer of the children." so he said in honor of those affected by this shooting. he would sing this song at his concerts and send up his "prayer" for those affected.
as he began his speech i knew he was going to sing it, so i hastily grabbed my phone to video the song.
the video i took is the one below.
{he had a machine that he was playing that transmitted his voice to sing all the other parts in the a capella song}.
it was so beautiful and was so quiet and peaceful in that auditorium as he was singing. {i'm actually surprised i got a steady recording of this because i was definitely crying through the whole thing}. what happened in connecticut is awful and heart wrenching and the worst anyone could imagine. but this beautifully written song was an incredible tribute to those affected and was the best part of the whole concert.
hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

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  1. So glad you understand my extensions dilemma ;) Your blog is adorable- Merry Christmas!

    xx Marisa