Sunday, December 23, 2012

we're still here....and christmas is coming, too

so...big news guys. the end of the world...didn't...end. so..looks like we're gonna have a christmas this year after all.
{good thing, cause i'm really excited for christmas}
what did i do on the night before the world was supposed to end?

we had pizza, played games with our friends Will and Ali, and of course, had a bubble blowing competition. {as you can see from above...will won. pretty impressive}.
we also had our annual big simpson family party in blackfoot with the whole crew! {my mom's side of the family...including my grandpa and his 2 brothers' families}.

{they matched}

santa came. and the twins were so cute on his lap.
london would only go if i walked up there with her. she was quite skeptical. after she sat on his lap she was watching his every move, and kept going back up to him to make sure he knew everything she wanted for christmas. after he left she watched out the window to see what his mode of transportaion was.
i got pictures of jenna and london on his lap but they weren't that great so...oh well.
when we got home i heard london telling someone about how she saw santa and it was really cute:

london: "santa! he's real!!!! i sat on his lap!!!"
we also played family fued.
5 members from each family {as in my grandpa and his two brothers' families} had to go up to represent.

sister katie, cousin mekelle, cousin mandy, aunt cheryl, and i were decided to be our team....and i'll just tell ya right now....we won. :) of course. the ferrol family is too competitive not to win.
and ever since we were little all the cousins exchanged christmas presents...well all our other cousins stopped that tradition as we got older. but mekelle, tayva, and i decided to keep it going between us three besties.

we couldn't find a private quiet place to exchanged gifts at the party this we locked ourself in the public was epic. :)
tayva knitted us infinity scarves
mekelle sewed us these picture frame thingys with our favorite quotes on them
both suuuuuper cute....
and what did i do you ask?
bought some Redken makeup bags and  Essie finger nail polish for them....i'm a loser. i didn't make my gift. but i think they still enjoyed it :) i love these girls so much, they really are 2 of my bestest friends.
i hope everyone has a fabulous christmas and i'm sure i'll be seeing all about them on these here blogs! very excited.
love you all and merry christmas! :)
p.s. this is my 100th blog post! woot woot! happy bloggy accomplishment to me!

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  1. Aww thanks for the comment girlie. I love meeting new people thru blogger, especially other hairstylists :)