Saturday, December 15, 2012


happy 2 year anniversary to us!
we made it, guys. we are now beginning into our third year of marriage...which starts to make us "oldy-weds"
it truly was a fabulous day and norman spoiled me the saturday before by taking me shopping in idaho falls.
i gave him a gift card to eBay for some fishing stuff {i didn't want to try to pick something out...}
but on our actual anniversary, we did this:
first, we have a tradition that we have some kind of breakfast meal together every year.
so i let norman pick the place, and we went to denny's :)
{very classy}

but i tell ya....denny's knows how to make a mean breakfast.
i also wore my new mustache shirt. :)
{nicknamed: the lorax}
then after dinner, we went to get some hot chocolate at our favorite hot chocolate spot: maverick gas station...
{this date is getting classier by the minute}
but it really does have fabulous hot chocolate.
however, norman had a little accident.
his spilled everywhere....{sorry for the blurry picture...but i was laughing really hard}.
then we drove around town to look at all the lights.
{my favorite part of christmas}
then we came home, snuggled up in bed and watched Dear John. {another tradition}
norman and i have 5 other people that live with us. my sister and her 4 kids. so it was extremely nice to have a night all to ourselves. we really enjoy each others company and have so much fun together. it made for a wonderful 2nd anniversary.
we were gonna do something really expensive and fun...but..lets be real....we're poor college students...and this was just as good :)
a few days later we wrote in our anniversary memory book thingy our 20 memories {10 each} from the year and reminisced on everything that has happened and how much we've grown in the last year.

i am so glad i got one of the good ones. and i love that i have a day every year that i get to celebrate that. he is so good to me and we have learned a lot. the first year of marriage is pretty rough...and there are a lot of arguments, but through this second year i really can see our progress and how we have grown to love each other more than we love being right. :) it's such a fun experience and i love him so much. i'm excited for many many MANY more years of learning and lovin. :)
happy anniversary, boo!


  1. awh :) cute couple! congrats on 2 years! doesn't it seem like it was just yesterday that we were all just look at us--married, and for 2 years! (well..steven and i are almost there haha) And i like all your traditions :)

  2. You two are awesome! Love you so much!

  3. You two are just adorable! Congrats on 2 years!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you like it! Can't wait to see what other fun adventures you guys have in store!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!May you have a gazillion more years together!!