Tuesday, November 27, 2012

i swear we had a thanksgiving

soooooooo....friends, i didn't take any...not one...picture on thanksgiving. or really any pictures at all over the break. besides the two below from temple square....pretty lame. but i swear we really did have thanksgiving! i guess i was so excited to be out of school for a week i didn't have time to pull the ol' camera phone out. ...errr...something.
whatevs...this is what you get.
we had a marvelous thanksgiving with the reece side of the family. they always have a lot of fun on the day of thanks. we get a gym at the church and we eat {of course} and play dodgeball and lightening and volleyball and what have you...it is so much fun. don't get me wrong, i love spending thanksgiving with my family and seeing everyone....but we don't play no dodgeball, football, volleyball or any other kind of ball games...and i think it's almost necessary on thanksgiving to do so.
 after we finished up the fesitivities with the fam, norm and i headed for utah for the rest of the weekend.

norman's mission companion and friend {marcus hoskins...who we both love so much...and his family....:)} was getting married in the salt lake temple and had invited norman and myself to attend...and of course we did. it wasn't until saturday so norman and i went and stayed with my cousin, mekelle, and her family in heber from thursday night to saturday morning. it was fun spending time with them. we played lots and lots of games {in which all of them i won...norm hates it :)} and some basketball.
saturday we went to the sealing {i'll expound on that momentarily},  then the luncheon, then norm and i headed back to temple square to walk around city creek and see the lights on temple square. {which we actually didn't end up seeing cause norm and i got into an argument and ended up leaving temple square right before they turned them on...stupid...i know...more on that later as well...probably another post..it's a good one}.
so all in all it was a fantabulous break. :)
now i wanted to say a few things about the sealing i went to. i just wanted to say i learned sooooo much. it was so good and the spirit there was so strong. the sealer was the grandpa of the bride which made it really special. i won't go in to much detail about what i learned but one piece of advice he gave them that stuck with me was this:
"don't try to change each other. focus on making the other one happy, and when they are happy, they will know the changes they need to make."
i loved this. absolutely loved it. because it is so true. to some of you, you're probably thinkin..uuuhh..morg...that is really not that cool. but guys, it really is. when you're married arguments happen and people are imperfect. and it's hard. and it sometimes feels overwhelming thinking of the things you need to "change" so that maybe some of those arguments won't happen. but if you strip it down to the plain and simple, like this statement....it makes perfect sense. it was so nice to go to the temple, witness a marriage, and hear beautiful words from wise people.
hope everyone else had a great week as well. i swear i'll take more pictures at christmas :) 


  1. that quote is such a great reminder!

    1. it really is, isn't it? i'm tellin ya...great stuff!

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  3. Hi Morgan! Just had to say that I love your header! Great pics. :)

  4. Okay, I really really like that quote... so true. I also didn't take any pictures whatsoever on thanksgiving.

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  6. I love this advice. I really need to remember it. Wonderful post! Following you back :)

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