Thursday, November 29, 2012

a conversation with my husband

as norman and i were in salt lake this weekend, we were strolling through temple square and obviously there were a plethora of couples roaming around looking at the beautiful buildings and lights and such and as the people watcher that i am, i was doing just that....people watching.
we passed a couple that were all bundled up and smiling and talking to each sign language. i about died. it was the cutest thing to me and i had the thought: "there really is someone out there for everyone." it brought me back to that adorable Kay's Jewelers commercial when the guy gets his girlfriend who is hard of hearing that necklace or something? i dunno, but it was cute.
and let me just tell you guys, i found that "someone" that was out there for me.
i gotta tell you about this conversation we had the other day.

unfortunately, well..more than unfortunately, a family friend of ours, Ranae Mckee, is in a self-induced coma after having some major health problems. we are all earnestly praying for a miracle and hoping to receive one.
you know those times where you and your spouse just seem "off"? little things seem to bother you more, arguments happen more frequently than normal? well norman and i just got over one of those little "off" moments and we were in the car talking and i said,
norm, i've been thinkin...with this whole Ranae Mckee situation, i really don't want to ever leave being angry at you....i actually just don't ever want to be angry with you for any longish period of time, because you just never know when this life is over. or when you are going to lose your loved one.
he interrupted me:
morgan, i've already been thinkin lots about this.
what song did we dance to at our wedding?
i replied:
p.s. i love you
he says:
exactly....p.s. i love you is a perfect description for our relationship. it doesn't matter what happens or what stupid little arguements we have...there's always a p.s. i love you.
after all is said and done, we will always know that we love each other.
probably the cutest thing i've ever heard, and it wasn't in a sappy chick flick. it was my real life.
i definitely found my person.


  1. I have chills!! Such a sweet thing for your husband to say! And it's so true... every couple needs to remember that! Totally sharing this with my hubs :)

    1. It was so sweet! And I think every couple should remember this as well... Makes everyone happier. :)