Friday, November 30, 2012

post number 3 for les miserables anyone?

i know, i guys are thinkin really morgan? another post on les miserables? really?
yes really!!!
i am that excited...and don't you even think that i won't be putting up a full review of the movie after i actually see it.

a friend of mine at school bought this vogue magazine the other day and saw the article on the new movie coming out and brought it to school so i could read it {thanks're a gem}.
it was 4 pages long...small 2 columns on each page....and i read the whole thing....and loved it.
it was so good and i love hearing all the little details of the movie. plus it had fabulous pictures of the actors/actresses in their costumes for the movie {the dashing hugh jackman pic is now hung up on my station at school...thanks again andrea....even more of a gem}. guys should read it..and go to the movie christmas day....i know i am.
{i feel like i should be paid for advertising?...yeah...i definitely should}.
oh! and here is the first review of the movie! standing ovation and all. 

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  1. oh, i am SO planning to see this! Probably more than once. :)
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I ALSO love meeting other Idaho bloggers! :)