Tuesday, November 20, 2012

twilight and a recipe

i just wanted to re visit some things mentioned in this post.
first one:
i mentioned that i make this meal that is so great that i got from a friend of mine called street tacos. a friend commented asking for the recipe...so i will share it here. everyone should know how to make street tacos. they are one of my favorite meals...
1 large can of green enchilada sauce
2 cans El Pato (get it on the mexican isle, in a small yellow can with a duck on it)
1 1/2 cups of brown sugar
Chicken (3-4 chicken breasts) frozen
Raw flour tortillas (or flour or corn)
Mix first three ingredients together in a crock pot. Put in your chicken and
let it cook in the sauce. You can also do it on the stove if you don't have a crock pot.
Cook your tortillas in a frying pan (if you have the raw ones...which are the best)
You can cook some white rice and then stir in a can of black beans while the rice is still hot.
So, cook your tortilla, put on rice and beans, then your chicken and the sauce, and then whatever else you like. I use cheese, tomatoes, olives, lettuce, guac, sour cream.....just whatever!!
the second thing i would like to amend from my first post was this question:
If your life had a soundtrack, what would the theme-song be?
at that moment, i was listening to taylor swift, and didn't know what to put, so i just talked about how much i love t-swift's new cd.
but then i went to twilight: breaking dawn that night...and guys....i gushed. i thought i was "so over twilight" and i was not really excited for the last movie. then i went to it..... and it was so great. and then the ending came around...{possible spoiler alert...but not a big one}...and the part where dear bella shows edward her memories from the past 5 movies happens and it shows little clips while this song is playing:
friends....i about died....i actually got quite teary about it. it was that cute to me. :)
this was my favorite lyric change {i actually think it's the only lyric change}:
"the day we met, frozen i held my breath. right from the start i knew that i'd found the home for my heart..."
and then of course adding a guy with an awesome voice to the song doesn't hurt either. :)
i just wanted to say that this is my current theme-song for my life. it sounds sssssuuuupppper cheesy, but i am in a super cheesy mood. my husband and mine's anniversary is coming up here on december 11th. we will have been married for a whopping 2 years. as it approaches, i've been pondering our life together so far and our future together, and it fills my heart with so much love and happiness that it makes me teary. yeah, we have our ups and downs like every couple, and we fight sometimes like every couple, and we get on each others nerves like every couple...but let me just say that i am completely in love with that boy and cannot believe i snagged such a good one.
i am so grateful i have found my unicorn :)
{as some of my friends call it}
i've been meaning to write mine and norman's love story on here, and i still will. but, for this post i want to share a small part of it.
norman and i were friends in high school, never ever dated, and then he left on his mission. we wrote as friends and somehow ended up falling in love through letters...
the day he got home i let him have his family time, but late that night we had planned to meet at this park that is in walking distance from both of our houses. it was probably about midnight when we finally got around to meeting, and the second i saw him and we started talking i knew that i had found the home for my heart. that is why i love that lyric so so so much. because it is the perfect description of what you feel when you know you have found the person you are going to share forever with.
he is my absolute best friend.
and when you find someone that looks at you like this:
you hafta keep him.
{love this picture because it is absolutely genuine...he was supposed to be looking at the camera smiling, and he took a glance at me right when my sister took the photo}
i love you, babe. it doesn't get better than you.
look at this...freakin twilight makin me all sappy n such....ridiculous. :)


  1. ok i just want to comment up a storm on this. cuz a) the first time i heard a thousand years was RIGHT after i got divorced and i burst into tears. (which i was mad about cuz it's a dang twilight song) BUT that song just means so much to me because i honestly love my unknown future husband SO much already. I literally think i've already loved him for a thousand years. and i don't even know him! i can't imagine how it feels to actually be married to that person. and b) you and your unicorn are my favorite. i have such a tender place in my heart for norm and i honestly don't think he could have picked a better wife. you are absolutely perfect FOR HIM. and i am so glad he married you so that i could get to know you and your cute sissy :) I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH :) and c) thanks for loving me back!

    1. Hail.... I just love you a lot. Thanks for bein my friend. :) and bein a part of our lives. You're the best.

  2. Yay I can't wait to try the recipe! I have no idea what el paco is but i like it. You guys are precious, love your love story:) Also, I have yet to see the last twilight, but i've heard good things so i want to! despite how disappointed I was in the previous 3 haha.

    1. Linds... I love that you were there at the beginning of norm and mines love story :) good times. And make those street tacos ASAP! They're so good.

  3. Yes! I was not too excited to see twilight at first, but there were several times in the movie (including the last bit you mentioned) where I had to tell myself 'don't cry!!' over and over! I am very happy with the end of the series :) and I'm so happy for you and your love! My two year anniversary is in march and I'm all in the lovey dovey spirit from the holidays so there's a lot of swooning going on here in Washington :)

    1. Yeah.... The real test will be when I watch it again.... Will I like it still. :) but the ending is so good. And congratulations on your 2 years comin up in march! I just love love. :) AND I love Washington