Thursday, August 9, 2012

the olympics

because i am currently on my summer break from school, and am not working, i have the opportunity to watch the! and i love it!

i don't know what it is about them olympics, but they pull me heart strings every time. i just love watching someone who has worked so hard for so long finally achieve their ultimate goal. and i love the competition of it all. knowing you're the best in the world! it's pretty amazing.

here are a few moments that left me a little teary {ugh}:

*when aly raisman nailed her floor routine and started crying before it was even over.



and of course, just the fab 5 winning in general:


*Olympic rookies, April Ross and Jennifer Kessy, beat Brazil {top ranked team} to go to the gold medal match:


this was such an absolutely fabulous game to watch. so intense. so fun.

*and then of course: the gold medal match between kessy/ross and walsh/may with Misty May and Kerri Walsh winning.


they played 12 years together, 3 gold medals in a row. so impressive. and so much fun to watch. makes me sad that misty is retiring, she is absolutely amazing defensively and just as good on offense. they definitely had a good run together. {i feel bad for whoever is kerri walsh's next do you beat misty may?}

so there ya have it, a few of my teary olympic moments for you. i'm sure there will be more :)

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