Friday, August 3, 2012

priest lake plague

you know what's not that cool?
braggin about how everyone got sick up at priest lake but me...and then 2 days later.....gettin sick.

that's what is not...that cool.

this was the last picture taken on this bed before i made it my home for 48 hours+.

but it's so darn cute isn't it?
these are my 2 little twin nieces that we live with snuggled up to my husband watching the olympics...oh it is so cute.

this night is where it all went wrong though.

about 10 o clock pm is when the horror started. i started feeling sick to my stomach and it's been downhill ever since.

6-7 hours of throwing up every 10 minutes {no exaggeration there} coupled with some other issues = misery.

but let me just tell you, my husband was an absolute gem.
norman and i have been married for a little over a year and a half and in that time i have not gotten the flu.
and this time, not only did i get the flu, but it was the worst flu i have ever gotten. i have never in my life been this sick.

and he was adorable.
i slept on the bathroom floor on a bed that he made for me with blankets and pillows, and a couple seconds after i was all settled in he came on in with his blanket and pillow to sleep next to me.

he stayed up with me all night, making sure i had everything i needed, rinsing out the bowl i would have to throw up in {too much detail?...i don't have to hear it} getting me sprite, going out in the kitchen to make crushed ice for me to suck on.

oh my word it honestly was the sweetest thing. he was so great the whole time.

i have now spent a full 48 hours since then in bed, completely exhausted. and he has still been so wonderful. i have felt so loved and cared for {in fact he is out getting me and my sister, who also got sick, a jamba right now....he's so great}. :) love that boy so much.
let me just tell you, that is true love, cause anyone else who wouldn't seen me that night would've been completely disgusted :)

the good news is, i dropped 7 lbs.
{guess that'll happen when you empty everything in your entire body}.
i've gotten to watch the olympics 24-7

so, moral of the story is:

my husband is amazing and...
never brag about not getting the preist lake plague because it will then strike you with full force.

have a good weekend :)


  1. I'm DYING over how cute those twins are. What is it about identical little munchkins!?!?

    1. I know... They are completely adorable I can barely stand it, I won't lie! However, not identical, although they do look very very similar. :) so dang cute.

  2. Yeah seriously the twins are KILLING ME. Jealous you lost 7 lbs... not so jealous of how!