Tuesday, August 21, 2012

puppy love

so, norm and i love dogs.....so very much. and are both suckers for them. it's going to be a problem, i know it.

well as you may know, my childhood dog passed away in may. :(
{read about it here}

and it was heartbreaking. norm and i have always wanted to get a puppy but knew it wasn't the right time. however, my dog passing away just made my itch to purchase a pup grow stronger.

so kelsey, me, and norm have been admiring our new neighbors dog across the street. we couldn't figure out what kind of dog it was, but we knew we liked it. he seemed well mannered, pretty, short haired, a good size...

well, last night we got home from swimming at ross park and noticed that our new neighbor was out in her front yard with her dog. we again began the debate of what kind it was....so to settle it, norm decided he was going to go over and ask. i decided to go with him because we hadn't met the new neighbors yet and thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves {and also find out what kind of dog that was...}

well it turns out, it is a weimaraner. and he is 7 months old and already so well behaved. he was very friendly. she told us that the person she bought him from told her that if she knew anyone who wanted purebread {but not papered} weimaraner's to let him know. he was selling them for $100.


i'm thinkin to myself, dang...how do i pass that up.

we finished talking and on our trip back across the street, norman says....we should get it...and i'm like i know, right?

so we go back inside and decide to make a list:

as we talked....we realized that although the pro's were really fun...the con's definitely outweighed them....

+both of us are in school and won't give it the attention it needs
+we're not really in a financial situation to be blowin money on a puppy {poor college students}
+when we move, it's possible we would have to sell it due to apartments not really allowing dogs anymore {and we just can't go through the attachment to a dog just to give it away...}

it makes sense.....but i still reeeeeeeeaally wanted one. :(

ugh...the desire will never go away. i'm made to have a dog in my life. so...the puppy purchasing wait continues....until then, i did tell my neighbor if her and her husband needed a dog sitter i was all over that. :)


  1. morg, you're so funny. sorry you couldn't get the puppy :( steven and I would totally come play with the puppy...and you two, of course! haha but seriously, when was the last time we actually did something together?! let's go on a fun date!

    1. Thanks rach! I'm sorry too! I wanted one so badly! :) but yes we should go on a double! Call us!

  2. YES!!!! Finally! Someone who makes a smart decision about getting a dog! You were right not to get the dog. It's not fair to the dog. One day, you two will be great dog parents!!

  3. And you forgot to add to your "Con" list that you are currently not even living in your own house and you are busy house sitting, which one of the rules is "NO DOGS"! :) That is the most important "Con" of all!!