Sunday, August 19, 2012

i start school in a week

a weeek!!!

a week of summer is all we have left here at the reece home. and then it's school for 9 months. ugh.
but the good part 9 months... i graduate!

and i won't lie, i am very much so looking forward to fall and hopefully a very blustery winter {we need it with all these fires}.

so this is what my ending the summer events look like:

+ a date to rupe's for dinner {so very good}
+ a snowcone date with my niece
+ camping with friends
+ fishing with friends

it was a really fun weekend camping with kelsey and paul and we're planning on going fishing again this saturday before school starts.

hope everyone is enjoying their end of summer as well!


  1. Morgan- first of all- thank you for all your awesome comments on my blog. I always love reading them! Second of all- I am excited for you to go to school so you can give me a makeover when you are done (or while you are going). I am in desperate need of one. You and Norm are the best and I think we should go to dinner or something.

    1. jan: haha you're welcome for all those comments! the posts were definitely worthy enough for regular commenting. :) loved it.

      and yes!! you can come anytime and i will give you a makeover! i love it!

      and absolutely yes about going to dinner! it would be epic. lets make it happen.

  2. You guys look like you have so much fun. I love the post before this one too. hahahaha SOOOO funny. I love those no bra days! Much-needed every once in a while! PS I answered your question about the header. I don't know if you read it. I am so not an expert at all, but if you need any help, let me know.

    1. we try to have fun.... most of the time it's days like the one i mentioned in my previous post :) but YES i did see your comment back to mine and thank you so mucH! i spent most the morning today trying to figure out what i wanted to do for a new header and then i gave up, after hours...haha. blog revamping is tiring and i just don't have it in me sometimes. haha.