Thursday, August 16, 2012

this is the kind of day it's been...

here is what kind of day it's been:

+ it's the kind of day where i've been watching shark week all morning to terrify myself even more
+ the kind of day where i am still wearing what i slept in, and yes, it is almost 4 pm
+ the kind of day where i barely got around to brushing my teeth and didn't even attempt to brush my hair
+ the kind of day where i'm starving but absolutely don't want to go make anything, so i end up eating candy from summer parades.
+ the kind of day where i wrote this whole post thinkin it was wednesday, only to check and see that it's thursday, and having to change a few things.
+ the kind of day where i still am not wearing a bra....yeah...that kind of day

pretty rad right? here are some things that i'm lookin forward to though:

+ i am almost finished with the book Crossed and am quite excited because i'm a little bit sick of the "rise up against the controlling government" theme that a lot of books have lately. so very 1984. {although the hunger games series is still an all time favorite}.
+ i ordered a new book to read on amazon this morning that will be getting here in 6-12 days {hopefully sooner}. 19 Minutes by Jodie Picoult. anybody read it? cause i loved My Sister's Keeper and thought i'd give another of her books a try.
+ i believe my husband and i have a little date tonight including Rupes for dinner. :) {maybe i should get dressed?}
+ i'm going camping/fishing this weekend with great friends
+ can't wait to start school on the 27th cause i'm bored out of my mind at home everyday
+ September is looking great with its cooler weather, fall clothes, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and The Bachelor. :)

there ya go, a couple thoughts from a rather lackadaisical human being.

happy thursday

p.s. went to katy perry: part of me last night and loved it. go and see for yourself.
p.p.s if you have any other fabulous book recommendations PLEASE comment below. {you can comment on anything else if you'd like, too....and in case some of you non-bloggers didn't know...anyone can comment, even if you don't have a blog, plus, i love comments. so if it for me} :)


  1. Morgan- I love your blog and have been loving your comments on mine. :) You are a gem- and yes- that was a TJ MAxx it. I am glad you're getting to relax- you deserve it.

    My book suggestion is easy and a light read (you've probably already read it- but it's called "Tuesdays With Morrie." It is so good and you'd finish it in half a day. :)

    1. I love your blog too! Especially this tour of Europe im Gettin through it :) but I happen to own the book Tuesday's with Morrie and have never read it. So.... I probably should :)

  2. Please please read "the fault in our stars" and "the guernsey literary and potatoe peel pie society" both are so so great :)

  3. I see you have not switched out beds yet:) haha. Decided not too? and What on earth are you watching on TV?

    1. no...we haven't switched beds yet....i'm too lazy....we might not end up doing it. haha.

      and ma..i told you in the post what we're watching on tv.... SHARK WEEK! that's a blurred picture of a sharks mouth open coming for the camera...... :/

  4. Love your blog! And I LOVE Rupes, we're actually moving to Blackfoot... crazy huh! So we should go to Rupes together!

    1. Thank you! And when are you moving to b-town? And what for? But yes..... Rules date is completely necessary. :)

    2. The hubs works there so he's sick of commuting! Our house will be done Sep 15th.. can't wait! Also do you know of any fall volleyball leagues?! If so we should get a team together and play!!!

    3. Very cool!! And I wish you would've said something earlier about the volleyball thing! A friend just asked me to be on her team for the city league and so we got a team together and signed up last week. :(