Monday, August 13, 2012

our weekend at bear lake

this weekend norm and i had the great privilage to go camping at bear lake with some friends. and so nice to get out of our crazy living arrangements for a little bit.

we left friday night after my friend, Kelsey, got off work. so by the time we left it was getting dark. well...we didn't know where we were going exactly to meet up with everyone else.

we had directions, but we misinterpreted part of them and as we are driving in the middle of nowhere we see a sign that says "welcome to wyoming!"

what? wyoming? haha. we laughed pretty hard, turned around quickly and found where we made our mistake. we finally made it there, don't worry.

the rest of the weekend went fabulously.

more boating.
dinner at the bear trapper.
card games.

we had a blast.

me, kelsey, jessie, lindee

{me and norm}, {norm wakeboarding}, {norm, paul, wes, kelly}

i decided to hang with the guys tubing, this is what i get


bear lake sunset

jared, jess, baby raymie, kelsey, paul, kelly, lindee, wes, jessie, me, norm
we had a fabulous time and can't wait to do it again!


  1. Looks like you had a GREAT time! So glad!

  2. um so, I haven't been on the computer in forever and I'm loving reading all of your new posts. And you look so tiny in all of these pics (in a swim suit might I add)!... morg please give me your secrets... but seriously you look so good! miss you like crazy

    1. haha oh linds...i'm glad you enjoy them. and the reason i probably look tiny is cause when i lived with you i was a fat college lard :)

      haha no, but i've been doin some insanity...not very diligently, but i'm tryin. :) i miss you terribly as well! i need to see you asap!