Friday, July 6, 2012


There have been a couple blog posts i have read that have been super inspirational to me recently.

so much so, that i wanted to share them with you!

the first i ran into was this blog post:

it's a rather lengthy post, but it was interesting and worth it to read.

the second was a youtube clip that another blog i follow put up:

i have to speak in church this Sunday and i have been stressing a little bit about it. I am speaking on another talk titled "Arise and Shine Forth" and i have to speak 20 minutes.....

i wanted some good examples of people showing what they believe and being an example to others.

i think both of these are great examples of people who "arise" and they were so uplifting.

if anyone has any other great examples for me to incorporate into my talk i would love to hear them!




  1. Just read "Club Unicorn" for the first time. What a fabulous and inspiring story!

    I just want to share about Pedro joining the church. He was 18 when he was baptized. From the time he moved to Pocatello from Brazil Pedro had a lot of LDS friends. He never joined the church and never really even thought about doing so. About the middle of his senior year, Megan Smith invited him over for Sunday dinner. Lo and behold the missionaries were there. He was very interested in the history they had to share, but not the church. Nevertheless, he continued to meet with the missionaries and eventually read ch 10 in Moroni. He prayed about the church and gained a testimony of its truthfulness.

    After he was baptized he headed off to school at the U of U where he had a full ride scholarship. He made it a goal to go on a mission so he took about 7 total institute classes his first year of membership. Concentrating on learning the doctrine of the church, Pedro lost his full ride, but gained what he needed to serve a full time mission. From the beginning of his membership, Pedro's family was opposed to his choice. They still loved him, but did not understand why he would throw away schooling and success for some religion. They would send anti Mormon literature, and voice their disappointment. They refused to help him pay for his mission and were upset with him for a while.

    Despite the chance of losing his relationship with his family, Pedro faithfully continued in the church and he found a way to pay for his mission and served a full two years. When he got home he decided to go to BYU and continue on the path of Christ. You then know the rest that he got married in the temple and is still strong in the church.

    Pedro is a true inspiration to me in his willingness to serve the Lord and uphold his covenants. His family has had more time to get used to Pedro's membership and temple marriage now and are very loving and accepting of our situation. They do not believe in our church, but they support our decisions and have been able to witness our success with each other.

    I hope this helps you out Morg! Love ya girl!

    1. Thanks so much rach!!! Great story. I love conversion stories. :) seriously, thanks for sharing.