Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July and it's officially summa time

our fourth of july was rather lazy, yet, quite fun.

i slept in, norman went fishing, and then we had a family BBQ.

during the bbq, the kiddos played on the slip n slide. well part way through they all decided they were thirsty.

norm and i hung out over by the fence which was giving off some shade from the blazing hot sun.

we ended up fallin asleep for a bit.

later that night we found a spot to see the fireworks and then let the kiddos play with some sparklers.

why yes, i do look rather like an old woman here with my oversized sweatshirt and my hair pulled back in a bun with a baby bundled on my lap....don't judge.

then we went home...and went to sleep.

it was a fun, relaxed 4th of july...which i don't mind one bit.

but the good news is:

it's officially summer for morgan!

i have been in school since january. :( which isn't too long. but everyone else got out in may....and i still had to go to school.

but today was officially my last day of summer school and now i have 7 weeks off to play!

lists of my summer plans:

{cause lets be honest...when you have to be to school at 7:30 am...i'm not gettin up extra early to exercise}
go camping
go boating
make a trip to 7 peaks
 {can't wait} 
and....some more sleep

bring on the summa! :)



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